Take A Seat: Dining Benches Uncovered

Take A Seat: Dining Benches Uncovered

Take A Seat: Dining Benches Uncovered

If you are currently in the midst of choosing new dining room furniture, then you will most likely have encountered dining room benches. A relatively new and innovative item of furniture, a kitchen or dining bench has a simple and effective design that can offer more practical advantages over traditional dining chairs. They also have the ability to add a stylish, stand-out feature to any previously dull dining room. So, whether it’s a casual kitchen-diner or a formal dining room that you are hoping to decorate, then a kitchen bench is certainly worth considering.

So what can dining benches really bring to the table? Lots, but with so many styles and varieties to choose from it can be almost impossible to make a final decision without a little prior research. Fortunately, EZ Living Furniture has done all the hard work for you and compiled all the benefits and crucial information about benches into one handy blog below, thus making it easier for you to choose the perfect seating for your kitchen or dining room.

EZ Living Furniture Backless Benches in green, pink, blue and greyThe Ottowa Collection from EZ Living features a large range of high back and backless benches. Review the full collection here.

Additional Seating

Traditional dining tables usually only allow for two-three regular dining chairs at either side of the table. This can be frustrating if you are frequently entertaining or have a large immediate family. Sometimes this means having to bring in a nearby office chair or some other form of unsuitable seating from an adjoining room. Occasionally these same individuals will even be exiled to another room entirely. It’s not ideal. However, a dining bench can offer extra seating for those unexpected guests or family members, meaning they will no longer miss out on any of the fun or conversations. Generally, a dining bench will seat three adults comfortably or four-five small children without compromising on floor space.

Maximises Floor Space

Size will normally dictate what we can and can’t bring into our homes, but by removing or replacing individual dining chairs you can help to maximise your floor space. A bench will allow for more diners than individual dining chairs. But this doesn’t mean that a bench covers more floor area because it doesn’t. Separate chairs often require space in between them which is fully eliminated when a bench is incorporated into your dining room or kitchen. A bench is one continuous row of seats that has no empty area in between which means that they are narrower overall. Another great advantage for when you are really tight on space is to choose a bench that’s slightly more narrow than your dining table’s legs so that you can hide it underneath the table when you need some extra space for kids or pets. 

EZ Living Furniture San Francisco Pine Dining Bench with tableThe San Francisco Dining Bench is backless meaning that it can be easily tucked under a dining table when not in use.

Promotes Communication

When people sit side-by-side on a bench, they often feel closer and more comfortable with one another than if they are sitting on separate dining chairs. The closeness of a dining bench creates a better connection and intimacy and will encourage more frequent interactions. And it really is true. Have you ever sat next to someone on a bench that you didn’t know and then ended up being best friends before leaving? That is the magic of a bench!

EZ Living Furniture Oscar Grey Velvet Dining BenchThe Oscar Bench features a high back which allows for ultimate comfort when dining or relaxing.

Extra Storage Space

Some benches feature a useful storage compartment that can be accessed under a lift-up seat or by pull-out shelves. These hidden storage areas provide a great place to stash rarely used or seasonal home accessories

Minimalist Design

Benches allow you to seat more people on fewer pieces of furniture. This creates a neater and cleaner appearance in your dining room. Not only this, but it will reduce clutter and help you to maintain a more visually appealing space. 

Better Views

If you opt for a backless bench instead of a bench with a high back it can help to open up a room in more ways than one. When positioned in front of a window a bench with a high back and everyday dining chairs can block your view. With a backless version, there is no way this can happen which allows you to enjoy your view to the fullest. 

EZ Living Furniture Clyde Bench in brown leatherThe Cyde Bench offers a stylish and practical choice for any open plan, dining area or kitchen. Upholstered in brown leather it can be easily wiped clean for when any unexpected spills occur.


It’s easy to see that you can save money when you invest in a bench rather than multiple chairs. One bench will often cost less than numerous dining chairs and when you consider that it can provide extra seating it’s an obvious choice. 

Easier Cleaning

You will find the task of cleaning under the dining room table and chair area much simpler when you trade your chairs for a bench. Instead of moving multiple individual pieces of furniture to vacuum or mop, you can easily slide or move your only bench out of the way and clean to your heart’s content. And cleaning bench seating is an easier task too. While chairs have grooves and more corners to contend with, benches will often have longer and smoother surfaces. And you know what they say if you have something of great quality and you take care of it it will last forever!

EZ Living Furniture Stanford Corner Dining BenchThe Stanford Corner Bench will allow you to further maximise the number of people who can dine or relax in your home. Usually, the corners of a room will go unused and this leaves a lot of wasted space. Corner dining is designed to use that space effectively.

Matching a bench to a table is easy

If you already have a dining table at home that you wish to match to your new dining bench then you will need to look beyond style and focus fully on dimensions. But don’t worry, it’s easy! 

  • First, look at the width. The width of your table should be measured in advance to ensure that your bench can easily fit into it.
  •  Next, make sure that the table’s legs don’t prevent you from sliding the bench comfortably under the table.
  • And finally, the height. If you are accompanying your dining bench with other regular dining chairs, check that they will all be at the same height for that cohesive look.

If you’re still struggling to decide on the ideal kitchen bench for your space, then look no further than our recently released AR app! The EZ Living Furniture AR app will allow you to bring virtual furniture into your home instantly. Try out multiple benches in the comfort of your own home with the click of a button. And if you then decide that a bench isn’t for you there’s always dining room chairs.

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