Dining & Occasional Furniture, The Ottowa Way.

Dining & Occasional Furniture, The Ottowa Way.


Velvet benches, footstools and pouffes from the ottowa range at EZ Living Furniture.Footstools, benches and pouffes in velvet upholstery from the Ottowa range.

An introduction to the exciting Ottowa range

Simple, informal, functional and unpretentious, the Ottowa range is both timeless and versatile. It is a welcome arrival at EZ Living Furniture and captures the essence of mid-century design. Complementing open plan spaces, minimalist décor and smaller rooms, the retro look gives both you and your interior room to breathe.

Dining in retro style

Offering impressive flexibility, the Ottowa range provides the choices you need to create the perfect dining set for your home. The dining chairs, flat dining benches and benches with backs can be teamed up with a variety of dining tables from our impressive furniture collections.

Green velvet dining bench with table from the Ottowa rangeat EZ Living Furniture.The green velvet bench and backless bench offer a tranquil autumnal feeling with retro styling.

Dining benches are fabulous space savers but also useful space makers! When you need to, you can accommodate additional diners at your table with ease. However, you can push flat benches under the table when not in use to minimise the footprint of your dining set.  In smaller rooms, benches with backs can be positioned against walls without looking out of place.

Available in grey faux leather upholstery or with grey, blue, pink or our new green velvet upholstery, the Ottowa pieces will fit seamlessly into your rooms. The matching counter stools, bar stools, low bar stools and footstools continue the look throughout your spaces. Faux leather is a stylish yet practical choice. On the other hand, velvet dining chairs and benches partner luxury with the signature simplicity of retro design to give you the best of both worlds.

Velvet foootstools and pouffes from the Ottowa range at EZ Living Furniture.Multicoloured pouffes and footstools can bring oodles of flexibility whilst making a bold statement too.

The unrivalled versatility of the look enables you to move beyond your dining space with the Ottowa range. Feature footstools in your living space and then re-imagine the chairs, benches and stools as chic kitchen furniture. Faux leather kitchen stools and kitchen chairs boasting the striking diamond pattern would be characterful additions which transform the room.

Grey velvet bar stools or counter stoll from the Ottowa range at EZ Living Furnriture.Bar stools and counter stools are an ideal way to socialise around the breakfast bar area.

Incredibly current Mid-century design

Design trends come and go and are often fleeting experiments which are quickly cast aside. But mid-century modern has endured. The minimalist movement in furniture which defined the 1940s and 1950s has been revisited again and again. It was certainly ahead of its time and its continuing popularity is rooted in its simplicity.

Blue velvet dining chairs from the Ottowa range at EZ Living FurnitureNavy blue velvet dining chairs can add a touch of class and luxury to your interior.

The uncomplicated silhouettes complemented the development of smaller urban spaces. Lighter materials, slender frames and stylish informality suited the interiors of the day and now those of the 21st century. Versatile and timeless, the pieces transcend changes in décor and lend themselves to mixing and matching. When you introduce the retro Ottowa dining furniture to your rooms, the pieces immediately feel at home and don’t demand an entire rethink of your interior.

Benches in velvet laid against a wall, from EZ Living Furntiure.Unleash the interior designer within, the only limits are your own creativity!


The Ottowa range for your home

Featuring new interpretations of cherished looks, the Ottowa range works well, wherever it finds itself, and that could be your home. Matching pieces in a single colour create unity while mixing your shades will deliver a special character to your interior. Timeless design can be utilised in unique ways to become completely current while reflecting our personality.