There’s no simpler way to put it – a good night’s sleep does us a world of good. Here at EZ Living Furn...

iture, we believe that there is a perfect mattress out there that suits everyone’s needs. Your preference between firm, medium and soft will determine the type of mattress that will suit your specifications.

We have a range of mattresses available including top brands such as King Koil, Odearest, The K Collection, Respa, D'arcy and Galvin, and our very own Signature Collection. As we know the importance of finding a mattress that’s right for you, we have a variety of sizes, comfort ratings, springs and fillings, including: memory foam, soft foam, latex, gel and synthetic fibre. There is also a choice of spring systems that include; reflex foam, coil sprung and pocket sprung.

Some of our mattresses also come in a range of special functions such as therapeutic & orthopaedic mattresses, roll up, turn free and additional back support mattresses. 


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We want to make sure that your bed is put to the appropriate use, sleeping. Take a look at our mattress guide for a better nights sleep!