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Whether you’re looking at Corner Sofas for your living room, furniture for a playroom or that perfect piece ...Read more

Whether you’re looking at Corner Sofas for your living room, furniture for a playroom or that perfect piece for an impressive study or library, we understand that furniture plays an integral role in the interior of your home as well as how it affects the layout and flow. At EZ Living Furniture we have taken all comfort and style factors into consideration so whether you are looking for an L-shaped couch, a modular sofa, or a corner chaise, we have got you covered.

A quick glance at our Corner Sofa Collection will demonstrate how we have endeavoured to provide you with pieces and ranges that will look stunning regardless of the style of your home. Our Corner Sofa Collection is nothing short of spectacular and it includes nearly every fabric, leather, colour, pattern, texture, model configuration and style that you can imagine. We carry both leather corner sofas and fabric corner sofas, with fixed and reclining options available. Match these with any of our armchairs or make your mark with one of our occasional and accent chairs.

All of our corner sofas are available to purchase online or in-store. And you can also view them in your own home. That's right. Try before you buy with our groundbreaking furniture AR app, where you can view most of our furniture range in any colours available IN your home without ever having to leave your house.


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Corner Sofas

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What exactly are corner sofas?

Corner sofas go by many names. They can be referred to as corner chaises, l-shaped couches, sectional and modular sofas. So what exactly do all these terms mean?

Sectional is the term given to corner sofas in places like the USA as most of the time the couch will come in two or more "sections" that attach to each other forming the corner sofa or indeed the "corner chaise". Hang on, I hear you say. What's this corner chaise? If you are familiar with the opulent chaise lounge that evokes images of Cleopatra being fed grapes as she lies lazily perusing all before her, then you're on the right track. A corner chaise is a combination of both a sofa and a chaise lounge with one part of the sofa having an extended long seat. Chaise lounge, or "longue" as it is correctly spelt, literally means long chair in French.

An L-shaped sofa or couch is simply, as the name suggests, a sofa with a normal seating section combined with a shorter seat protruding at a right angle from one end resembling the letter L.

And finally, there is the modular sofa. This is a sofa that is an assembly of individual components. For example, a modular corner sofa could consist of a right arm piece, a left arm, a central v-shaped piece (for the corner), an extra seat piece, and even a drinks holder piece. The choice is yours. You can decide to add or subtract from the modular set as fits your needs and available space. Essentially it’s a simple sofa jigsaw!

All of this can seem a little confusing at first, but tools like the EZ Living Furniture AR App will make life EZ for you. You can view corner sofas and l-shaped couches in your home, making sure they look right and most importantly, fit.



Where can I find the best deals on Corner Sofas?

For the best deals on corner sofas or L-shaped couches contact us online or call into one of our 14 stores nationwide. Find out more about your nearest store by clicking the link that applies to you.

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