How to Choose The Perfect Dining Chair For You

How to Choose The Perfect Dining Chair For You

How To Choose The Perfect Dining Chair For You

Your dining room or dining area should be the heart of your home. It’s a space that you may need to utilise in a variety of ways from serving family meals to hosting dinner parties.

Perhaps your dining table also doubles as your workstation, a place to enjoy crafting or somewhere to hold meetings.

All of this means that you face an important decision when choosing your dining chairs. There’s much to consider if you are to find the chairs which perfectly suit your room, enhance your decor and complement your lifestyle. What is the best kitchen chair? How do I choose the perfect dining chair?

Complement the size and shape of your room

Few homes offer unlimited space and so your choice of dining table and dining chairs will inevitably be influenced by the size and shape of your room. By making the best use of what you do have, you can design a dining room that feels incredibly spacious but which also offers sufficient seating at the table for any occasion.

When space is a challenge, choose compact chairs and avoid styles with arms. You can then include more seats at the table without the room feeling cramped.

EZ Living Furniture Brown Leather Dining Chair - HarveyThe Harvey Dining Chair offers a combination of style and simplicity. Upholstered in brown leather, it can be easily wiped clean with a leather wipe.

A round or extendable kitchen table would be a wise investment for a smaller room. However, if your table extends, you will need additional chairs that you won’t use all of the time. But where do you put them when you don’t need them at the table?

Consider stackable styles for easy storage or chairs which can double as accent pieces in other areas of your home.

Creating space at the table

Your kitchen chairs must be an appropriate size for your table if you and your guests are not to injure your knees or rub elbows when seated. Choose chairs with seats that are at least 30cms lower than the bottom of your table.

Cream leather dining chairs in a blue dining roomStyle is fast becoming the biggest priority when purchasing a dining chair and the Gain Dining Chairs in taupe leather offer a style like no other.

When it comes to deciding how many chairs your table can accommodate, allow 60cms for each chair. You may have to squeeze in additional diners on special occasions but you should furnish your room for everyday use, not for gatherings that you might host only once a year.

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Is comfort or convenience your priority?

If you do host parties regularly or like to linger at the table, there is no doubt that an upholstered dining chair will provide a superior level of comfort. Chic upholstery will also lend elegance, texture and colour to your décor.

Academy Dining ChairsThe Acadamy Dining Chairs offer a sleek 20th-century design while their plastic seats make them easy to clean in homes with small sticky hands.

However, if convenience is key and your kids tend to wipe mucky hands on your furniture, you will benefit from chairs that are easy to wipe down.

Faux leather upholstery provides a stylish compromise and can be a feature of both contemporary and traditional dining chairs.

The dining chair style edit

To know how to choose the right dining chair you must realise that size matters but that style is also an important consideration.  Your table, décor or property might demand the inclusion of traditional dining chairs or at least a nod to a heritage design. Tufted button backs and stud details echo period furniture without feeling dated.

Retro looks are right on trend and you will discover a fabulous choice of mid-century inspired dining chairs at EZ Living. These will imbue your interior with both a funky twist and a timeless quality.

EZ Living Furniture grey Oscar Dining Chair with buttonsBoasting versatility, the grey, velvet Oscar Dining Chairs can be easily paired with a modern or traditional style dining table. To clean - simply let the stain dry and wipe with a warm soapy cloth & hoover to remove dust.

Overtly contemporary dining chairs will feel right at home in modern spaces and chic apartments if you need to complement fresh and minimal décor.

You might prefer to choose chairs that match your table or to invest in a dining table set. But you can create striking looks by featuring contrasting pieces or splashes of colour. For a memorable yet balanced room, settle on two different finishes which are decidedly different and yet which do have something in common.

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Gorgeous wood brings warmth, texture and timeless quality to your home. Partner your oak dining table or kitchen table with matching oak chairs. Wooden dining sets are also available with stunning painted finishes in a variety of shades from subtle grey to stunning black. Alternatively, rustic dining chairs, dining tables and benches deliver a timeless feel and impressive character to your home.

When carvers are cool and benches are best

Ideal for positioning at each end of a rectangular table, a carver chair is a dining chair with arms that would provide an elegant finishing touch for your dining set. Carvers also create a greater sense of luxury to lift your space.

EZ Living Furniture Teno grey fabric carver dining chairsThe Teno Carver Dining Chairs offer a refined design to any dining room and just ooze comfort and charm.

When space is an issue, dining benches are fabulous options. You can push the benches under the table when not in use to save space and it’s easy to squeeze in an extra diner at the table when you need to.

Consider the legs of your dining chair and bench

Before choosing your dining chairs or benches, it's important to take note of the type of legs that they have. Solid wood and oak legs, while more durable, tend to be heavier and harder to move. While a lighter alternative with metal legs, such as our Bradley Chairs, are lighter but cannot be stacked.

EZ Living Furniture Bradley Blue Velvet Dining Chairs against a dining tableBradley Chairs: The black metal legs on these dining chairs require it to be paired with a dining table that features unconnected legs.

Completing your open-plan space

Your open-plan space might incorporate both a dining area and a counter, bar or kitchen island. You can create a unified feel by choosing matching dining chairs, kitchen chairs and counter stools. The exciting collections at EZ Living Furniture offer matching pieces in diverse styles with something to suit every interior.

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EZ Living Furniture Ottowa Pink dining chair, bench, footstool.The Ottowa Collection features dining chairs, dining benches and bar stools in a variety of colours and materials. Choose from velvet or leather, pink, blue, grey or grey.

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The perfect dining chairs at EZ Living Furniture

The perfect dining chairs will lift your room, maximise your use of space and reflect your personal style. From sleek contemporary design to rustic oak and from bold colours to cool retro looks, you will find your special dining chairs in the outstanding collections at EZ Living Furniture.

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