Non-Permanent Design Tips For Your Rental

Non-Permanent Design Tips For Your Rental

Non-Permanent Design Tips For Your Rental

Let’s be honest, the majority of us have yet to step foot onto the ‘property ladder’ and are in an unfortunate cycle of staying in rented accommodation. Buying a house or even saving enough for a deposit can seem like an impossible task for most. For those of you who own your own home, congratulations! I and many others hope to join you one day. But for now, we renters must face the impractical chore of decorating a home that doesn’t belong to us. This means no painting, no DIY, and nothing that could be considered a permanent change or damage to the property. It’s quite limiting, I know. 

But fear not the EZ Living Furniture team and I, have created a list of non-permanent tips and tricks that you can use to help spruce up your rental. Unless of course, you are willing to keep staring at the four cream covered walls that surround you? Didn’t think so, therefore you might want to keep reading.

EZ Living Furniture Lilly Wall Art. A bold and striking framed canvas, the Lily by Charlotte Oakley will quickly become a talking point in any rental.

Wall Art:

To help to avoid deductions from your rental deposit before your departure, painting is something that you must abstain from completely. I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules. It’s too permanent and cannot be removed easily. However, wall art is something that can be useful and can add colour to your otherwise bland looking walls. As mentioned above, steer clear of DIY, this includes drilling hooks into walls. For that reason, we recommend using adhesive hooks to hang your framed pictures, photo frames or mirrors. These hooks are easy to put on and take and with no damage to the paint on the walls, what is stopping you?

Self-Adhesive Stickers: 

Self-Adhesive Wall Stickers are something of a new concept for many and can be a very handy alternative to tiling. Should you wish to re-tile your kitchen backsplash or re-design your kitchen countertop, an adhesive laminate is definitely a feature worth considering. These stickers are a plastic, wallpaper-like coating that sticks to entire walls or tables. It’s another non-permanent solution and can be easily applied by simply removing its backing and sticking it to your desired area. If you tire of your chosen design or are moving elsewhere, it can be peeled off without difficulty and will leave no trace of ever having been there. Easy-peasy!

Stock Image of tilesTile Stickers can completely transform a kitchen or bathroom in any rented property.


A lot of apartments are rented with the added bonus of already being furnished. But not always. Sometimes we have to dig deep, and purchase furniture or accessories not supplied. And all too often, appliances or fittings available to use within rental properties can be outdated or broken and your landlord may not be willing to fix it. Either way, you need to consider D.L.M.

D – Durable

You need furniture to be durable and last a lifetime for when you eventually bring them to your forever home or next rental. Always remember, buy cheap, buy twice.

L – Lightweight

I suggest you buy items that are lightweight to avoid any injuries. 

M – Multi-use

It is crucial that each piece you purchase can assist with a number of issues that you may face, storage, capacity etc. 

EZ Living Furniture Pluto Sofa Bed.Sofa beds are very practical items of furniture. Our Pluto Sofa Bed is a sofa by day and bed by night.


Whether you are lacking space in your bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom, it’s a problem easily solved. Include hidden storage where possible. In the bedroom, it can be incorporated under a bed frame with separate pull-out drawers. 

In the living room, try picking a sofa bed for when guests arrive. It is ideal for when you only need a sofa to watch TV on, but also for when you need that extra bed for family or friends.

Coffee tables and footstools are items that can hide a multitude of sins including magazines, board games or general clutter.

Scott Navy Footstool from EZ Living Furniture.The Scott Navy Footstool has many uses. Place your feet on it after a long, hard day. Sit on it when additional seating is required. Or lift the seat to reveal a useful storage compartment for bits and pieces. The lid also doubles as a handy tray.

If you use these tips above, the EZ Living Furniture team can guarantee that your fabulously decorated apartment will become a lot more bearable….at least until you can enter the buyer’s market!

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