Decorate With Colour: Yellow

Decorate With Colour: Yellow

Decorate With Colour:

You know there is a theory that no two individuals see colour the exact same way. Does that mean colour is just a ‘pigment’ of our imagination? All joking aside though, colour can be a very persuasive aspect of marketing and why we buy what we buy. In addition to this, it can affect your mood and how you perceive the world. Colours have the ability to evoke particular feelings or trigger certain reactions, which is why we use them throughout our homes.

In this particular EZ Living Furniture blog, we will be focusing on the colour yellow. When used correctly within the home, yellow has the potential to brighten a person’s mood instantly. Yet it can become abrasive and lead to visual fatigue when overused or displayed in the wrong setting. It’s also important to recognise the various shades of yellow as they can each bring their own individual benefits to a space. Now, we’re not suggesting that you turn every room in your home into a yellow oasis, but it should certainly be considered in small doses if you want to stay on-trend and positively influence your well-being.

Valention Yellow Corner Sofa from EZ Living Furniture

Shades Of Yellow And Their Effects

Overall, yellow is an extremely invigorating colour. It can make us feel more alert and energised by stimulating our nerves, glands, and brain. Have you ever wondered why Post-it Notes are primarily available in yellow? It’s because it’s stimulating and will help you to remember your important notes easier. 


Still, there are many different shades of yellow available today and each one has the ability to bring even more unique effects to a home. To ensure that you incorporate the perfect shade of yellow into every single room, check out our list below. 


Light Clear Yellow:

This colour will help to clear the mind. Once cleared, we will become more open and alert. This is why you will often see traffic signs in this particular shade of yellow. Remember not to overuse this colour in the home as it can invoke a feeling of visual fatigue. We suggest choosing smaller items of furniture and home accessories in this specific hue, such as a chair, rug, wall art or cushions

Paloma Yellow Velvet Chair from EZ Living Furniture.The EZ Living Paloma Chair is upholstered in a light clear yellow. This piece can be easily incorporated into a multitude of rooms within the home, including a bedroom, living room, study or conservatory


Lemon Yellow:

Lemon yellow promotes joy, alertness, and boldness. Similar to light clear yellow, it should be used delicately throughout the home. Try including this shade of yellow into items such as bed linen or dinnerware. A lemon-yellow cup, bowl, or even plate can help to wake you each morning during breakfast and completely eliminate the need for a caffeinated drink. Well, maybe just the first coffee or tea of the day at least. 

EZ Living Furniture Satis Dining CollectionThe Satis Dining Range is available in a lemon-yellow colour and teal green. This particular yellow has the ability to awaken even the groggiest of morning people. 


Golden Yellow:

This yellow is the colour of wealth. It’s a subtle, yet powerful shade that has the ability to positively impact a person’s self-esteem. This is why you’ll want to include this yellow in as many items of furniture as possible. And who could blame you? Who wouldn’t want to grow their self-esteem?

New York Yellow Bar Stools from EZ Living Furniture.The New York Bar Stools are just one way to include a golden-yellow shade into a kitchen or dining room. Lamps, dining chairs and bed frames are also available in this particular yellow hue from EZ Living Furniture and can be included all throughout the home.


Dark Yellow:

A dark yellow or mustard is an extremely unique hue of yellow. It can encourage, protect and inspire those in its presence. It can also offer a luxurious feeling because of its closeness in colour to gold. So, if you’re feeling like you want to make a statement in your living room and impress your guests at the same time, then look no further than a  dark-yellow sofa or footstool.

Fjord 2 seater yellow sofa from EZ Living Furniture.The Fjord Sofa is a statement piece that can truly transform an interior. This 2-seater sofa upholstered in a dark-yellow/mustard fabric is also available in a 3-seater version. The entire Fjord collection includes sofas, armchairs, and footstools.


There are many positive reasons to welcome yellow into a home, but it is also essential that you understand that each response to colour is unique to an individual. By experimenting with different shades, you can help you to create your preferred atmosphere. And don’t worry about clashing, contrasting shades of yellow works surprisingly well together. 


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