Design Tips For Small Spaces

Design Tips For Small Spaces

Design Tips For Small Spaces

If you are seeking ideas on how to maximise your space, then look no further. EZ Living Furniture is a one-stop shop for all things…well, furniture. Not only this, but we can further alleviate any stresses you may encounter when redesigning your homes with our easy-to-follow decorating tips.

This guide in particular is focused on smaller areas. So for those of you who own a big mansion in the Irish countryside, this may not be very useful to you. Still, these suggestions will also help to transform your rooms into comfortable, stylish zones and they won’t break the bank either! I’m sure mansion owners love a good bargain too, don't they? So, get ready to say goodbye to clutter and underutilised areas in your home and say hello to FABULOUS!

Home Accessories

It is possible to include home accessories without compromising on space. For example, cushions and throws are items that can be permanently stored on your couch or armchair. Wall art or wall clocks can be used on empty walls and bring to life a once life-less room.

EZ Living Furniture Wall Clock on pink wallInspired by mid-century design, the Thomas Kent Wall Clock is a stylish and eye-catching finishing touch for your space.

Multi-Purpose/Expandable Furniture

When purchasing furniture, you need to ensure that the items have multiple uses or can expand to cater for larger groups of people. For living rooms, this can be easily achieved. Consider buying a nest of tables instead of just one coffee table. A nest of tables is a set of small tables graduated in size so that they fit under one another. They are elegantly compact but hold two or three tables in one. They’re so handy!

It’s also worth looking for a footstool that can double as a storage facility. With many options to choose from, EZ Living Furniture offers storage footstools in multiple styles and colours.

Three multicoloured storage footstoolsThe EZ Living Furniture Scott Footstool adds a touch of luxury to your living room. These footstools can be used for extra seating, a place to put your feet up, or as a handy tray for beverages.

If you’re in the market for a sofa, why not make it a sofa bed? It can then be used for when family or friends come to visit and need a place to rest. You can finally rid yourself of that blow-up mattress with multiple holes. It’s a win, win situation.

 Hector Bed Frame with storage in grey velvetA concealed drawer at the foot of the Hector Bed delivers generous storage space for spare linens, clothing and shoes to keep your room tidy and organised.

Beds are not just for a comfortable night's sleep. If you choose a Storage Bed Frame, you'll also get hidden storage space underneath. You can keep sheets, duvets and clothes all in this one handy place. An added bonus to buying this type of bed frame is not having to hoover underneath your bed. You can thank us later.

A recliner armchair can prove to be a very cosy alternative to a regular armchair. Best of all, it will fold back into itself. So go on, put your feet up, literally!

Extended Dining Table with Dining ChairsThe Latina Dining Table is sufficiently compact for smaller rooms but can be extended quickly when you need to accommodate additional diners. 

Think about switching out your current dining table with an extendable version. It will allow for extra guests to dine at your table but also serve a purpose for when you have ordered too much food for one. Admit it, we’ve all been there.

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Mirrors are a great way to maximise your small area. It’s a magical illusion and can be effortlessly executed by investing in a variety of mirrors. These could be full-length mirrors, hall mirrors or even EZ Living Furniture mirrors. See what I did there?

EZ Living Furniture wood design mirror on blue wallOur small solid oak mirror delivers a surprising visual impact. Perfect for reflecting light into any room, it also brings the beauty of wood to your home.

Light up your life

Lighting is a very important element of any home. It can turn a drab and dark looking room into an oasis of sunshine. It may not seem like a life-changing aspect to your home but it is worth considering when looking at each individual area. Choose from floor lamps, table lamps and even hanging lights to create the ultimate home decor. 

Sofa, lamp and bedside locker in living roomPositioned on a lamp table, console table or desk, a table lamp would deliver instant visual impact to your space.

Use your vertical space

Vertical areas in our homes tend to be ignored. Walls are underutilised and can be filled all the way up to the ceiling. This can be very beneficial for storing items. Use shelving, bookcases or floor cabinets with empty cube inserts. You can add storage boxes to each cube or just one or two and use any remaining space for ornaments.

Cube Shelving EZ Living FurnitureCube shelving can accommodate a whole host of accessories with ease. The EZ Living Furniture India Cube Bookcase is shown here. 

There are many different ways to redesign your home to your individual needs. You just need to take a few minutes to really think before you go rushing to your nearest EZ Living Furniture store. We also have experts on hand to help you along the way if you get overwhelmed by our large selection of high-quality furniture.