How to choose the perfect Dining Table for you!

How to choose the perfect Dining Table for you!

While choosing a dining table, it is important to get the little things right. The dining table becomes the gathering space in many homes as it’s the place we go to eat, chat, laugh, study, work, and above all, live. Realistically speaking, the dining table (if done right) should become the heart of your home.


We have put together a list of everything you will need to know about dining tables before making that final investment and some suggestions to make it even easier for you! Ready to eat your (dining table) heart out? Let’s get started!


If you are in the market to shop for your perfect dining table, you are most likely to have at least one of the following doubts:


  •     What type of material should my dining table be?
  •     What size table best fits my dining room?
  •     What shape will best suit my home?
  •     The Do’s and Don’ts of Dining Table Extensions
  •     The perfect finish to your perfect Dining Table

After reading this blog, all of your doubts will be cleared. So read on and make the decision EZ!

1. Memorable Materials!

When it comes to dining tables, there is an abundance of materials you will be able to decide between and have fun with. Some of these materials include wood, metal, marble, laminate, and even synthetic. Furniture experts are now advising that you should first choose several of your favourite materials and then narrow it down depending on which best fits your lifestyle and matches your style.


For example, there’s no point in having your heart set on a glass table when:


  1. Your toddler is in their terrible two-stage and will most definitely end up throwing their plate across that lovely glass table
  2. If you hate taking off the fingerprints off the glass


On the other hand, if you’re a couple looking to brighten up your interior with something that little bit contemporary, the glass could be your perfect fit!


1.1 Wood

Aside from creating warmth and character in every room wood occupies, wood’s biggest asset is its strength. A good dining table could last a lifetime if looked after properly and when it comes to wood, your chances have just been increased!


Have a messy household? The right kind of wood will also withstand years of wear and tear, dents, scratches, scuff marks, spilt milk, make-up stains, you name it, wood will endure it! Although wood has many advantages, it’s important to take into account that some wood can be quite porous. Wood doesn’t like water. Therefore we advise cleaning down your table with a damp cloth in order to clean any excess spillage.


westbury dining table from EZ Living Furniture


(Large oak rectangular dining table on offer at our website)


Similar to us, tables can also get sunburnt! If the wood is exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet light in any way, this can change the colour of the wood's surface and change its look over a very long period of time.


*EZ Tip* 

  1. Dust down your wooden table as often as possible so no dust particles become ingrained in the wood.
  2. Use placemats and coasters when eating hot food or drink. This will prevent creating a mark on your table.
  3. Finally, clean any spills as quickly as possible to avoid soakage.

1.2 Glass

Glass tables can be great because they are extremely low maintenance. Unlike wood, glass is porous free and therefore all mess or spills can be cleaned up in a matter of seconds! On (table) top of that, a glass table can also make your dining room look bigger while adding a touch of class to your interior.


Sometimes fingerprints, smudges, and scratches can appear on a glass table but don’t let that stop you. We have an exclusive range of glass tables that you can choose from. Glass tables will also require clean flooring, so in order to make the most out of your dining experience for both you and your guests we also advise giving under the table a quick sweep before you eat!


*EZ Tip* 

If you’re looking for a cheap and efficient way to clean your glass table, mix water and vinegar together and apply this solution directly to the glass. Use a newspaper after to remove any excess streaks. In order to avoid scratches, always use placemats when dining at your glass table.


mikado dining table from ez living furniture


(Contemporary round dining table available at EZ Living Furniture)

1.3 Marble

There are two main types of marble, one that has a matte finish and one that has a sealant already applied which creates a shiny look. The treatment of your marble will all depend on its type. Similar to the glass table, a marble table will enhance the beauty of any room.


Like wood, marble is also extremely durable and if cared for properly, will easily withstand the test of time. Scratches and etches can sometimes be seen on a matte marble table. To avoid any dents or bumps, we suggest investing in sturdy placemats!


enzo dining table from ez living furniture

 (Marble top large dining table)

*EZ Tip* 

A marble table which is already sealed is a lot easier to care for and won’t be susceptible to stains or water absorption. If you do, however, prefer the matte finish, always keep coasters close by as if you leave a glass of wine on the table overnight to avoid stains and headache.

Fun Facts with EZ Living Furniture

We asked over 1000 of you a few questions about how you use your dining table, and this is how you answered! Check out our fun infographic below to see if you recognise anything!

2. Measuring Matters!

When selecting your dining table, it is important to note that the standard table height is 30 inches or 76cm. Although the standard height is 30 inches, the average height can range anywhere between 28 to 30 inches (71 to 76cm).


You will need to take a table-to-wall space into account. When selecting the right size dining table, make sure you have at least 24” of extra space all the way around the table. There’s no point in getting a beautiful dining table and chairs if your guests struggle to access their seats. The only thing people should be squeezing is the fresh orange juice placed beautifully on your new dining table.


Finally, there should also be 7” between the chair arm and the apron of the table so that the arm of the chair doesn’t get stuck or wedged under the table.


a wooden dining table from ez living furniture


*EZ Tip* 

Before you even enter a furniture store, get the dimensions of a table you like. Place newspapers on the floor to the width and length of the table, now add more newspapers according to the chair dimensions and how far they will come out to.


You should also take into consideration any surrounding drawers or presses. Actively pull out or open these items as far as they go in accordance to the newspapers. This will give you an accurate indication of whether the sizing needs adjusting or not.

3. Suitable Shapes!

Choosing the shape of your dining table is just as, if not more important as choosing the material. The most common shape is the rectangular table. This table has the ability to fit more than 4 people so if you have a busy house, these ones for you!


Square shaped tables are best suited in square-shaped rooms. These tables can provide a sort of intimacy that the rectangular tables cannot.


hardy dining table from ez living furniture


Like square tables, round tables can also create intimacy, a cosy feeling, and are highly suggested for every couple/ Oval tables are like rectangular tables in that they can fit many around them except they tend to occupy less space.


*EZ Tip* 

Before investing in a specific shaped dining table you should ask yourself this one question “How many people are we willing to cater for?”.


If the answer is between 2-4, every shape will fit your needs, whereas if you’re likely to entertain big crowds or simply have a big family, definitely consider either a rectangular, oval, or extendable dining table.  


4. Extending Dining Tables

Extending mechanisms or additional surfaces are the real MVP’s of the dining room interior. Like a hero that answers the call once summoned, these extending inserts are capable of either accommodating extra guests, or simply increasing the table surface. Ultimately, they are the lifesavers of domestic hospitality.


(Check out our range of extendable dining tables)


These extensions come in many shapes and forms and can be placed either at the end or even in the middle of your dining table. Such mechanisms include pull-out rod extensions, sliding leg extensions, central butterfly system and many more.


*EZ Tip* 

Despite it seeming like “just a small plank” of material, there’s a lot to take into account with that small plank of material. For instance, in order to see how durable your extended piece is, we advise that a small amount of pressure being placed on your extension once assembled.


Simply press down on the constructed extension with an open palm. You will now be able to determine whether or not this extension is durable. If it withstands the added pressure, this means it’s stable. However if you feel it could give way and snap at any stage, this is a sure sign of its instability.


Another problem that can arise over the years with extendable table parts is colour discolouration. If your table is exposed to ultraviolet sunlight every day and your extension piece only exposed once a month (if even) there may be a colour difference in your table parts over a long period of time.


Therefore, we suggest you put the extendable part in a place that can receive equal sunlight exposure, like a spare bedroom!

5. Fine Finishing!

5.1 Marble

As you have now learned, matte marble can be porous therefore putting the final finish on your marble is essential if you want a stain-free table. Adding a seal will make your marble waterproof. If you are applying sealant we advise that you wait for a full 24hrs before putting your table to use. This will allow the sealant to be fully absorbed without the mess.


*EZ Tip*

To know if your seal has been successful, splash a small amount of water on your table and if the water does not bead, then you will need to reapply the seal.

5.2 Wood

When it comes to the wood you might not even need a sealant depending on the type of wood you purchase! For example, most EZ Living Furnitures wooden tables are non-porous softwoods meaning they do not permit the transfer of water or air, therefore a sealant will not be necessary.


a round dining table from ez living furniture


 Non-porous woods include pine, cedar, birch, beech, and redwood. Hardwoods tend to be a bit more porous and will require a sealant. Some of these woods include walnut, cherry, and maple.


We hope that after reading this blog, you have a better idea of how to choose the perfect dining table for your home. If you still have questions, feel free to pop into one of EZ Living Furniture stores Nationwide and ask our experts. You can also ask our online team too!

"After all, one cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well" (at the perfect dining table!) -  Virginia Woolf