Presenting the EZ Living Furniture Spring 2020 Wall Art Collection

Presenting the EZ Living Furniture Spring 2020 Wall Art Collection

Featuring a wonderfully eclectic mix of memorable contemporary works, the EZ Living Spring wall art collection is well worth exploring. Taken from original watercolours and oils by highly regarded artists, the framed prints and canvas wall art will complete your spaces and spark conversation. New interpretations of traditional themes, stunning seascapes and vibrant art for kids all promise to lift your rooms with colour and thought-provoking imagery.

Stylish art ideas for your interior

Art always breathes new life into your home. A powerful form of expression, it fires your imagination, reflects your interests and exerts its influence without the need for words. Complementing your colour palette while creating focal points for your spaces, the right prints will transform any wall from drab to fab in an instant. Art always asks questions and the first of those is which art prints to choose for your rooms?

All at sea with art?

It can be difficult to visualize how prints and paintings will work in your spaces. But it is hard to go wrong with coastal compositions. The beautiful blue tones and striking whites complement most décor while the splashes of colour provided by boats and flowers provide valuable accents.

Wall art depicting houses at a bay by ez living furniture

Our spring collection boasts a decidedly nautical twist. Capturing pretty cottages, quaint harbours and quiet beaches, the prints bring a sense of serenity to your interior. Whether you are searching for inspired bedroom wall art, kitchen wall art or pleasing pieces for your living space, coastal themes work well.

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With the Pantone Color of the Year for 2020 being Classic Blue, expect this calming shade to inform new looks this spring. Coastal art would be an amazing choice to reflect these in your home. Relaxing and yet uplifting, seascapes also complement the trend for creating more mindful interiors

Two wall arts displayed side by side by EZ Living Furniture

Coastal art for your home

A single print or canvas can deliver significant impact, but you could create a truly striking feature by hanging two prints side by side. Happy Hour and On the Rocks are complementary compositions taken from watercolours by the talented Gracie Tapner. Depicting small boats resting on the shore, the prints are completed by neutral contemporary frames. Ulyanna Hammond’s Azure and Sapphire capture maritime scenes with small fishermen’s cottages set against threatening grey skies. White inlays and neutral frames serve to intensify the grey tones of the pictures.

In addition to grouping prints together, you could also lift your décor by showcasing similar pieces on different walls or throughout your rooms. Harbour Reflections and Side by Side are stunning contemporary interpretations of harbour scenes by Sabrina Roscino. Sailing boats are rendered in blue and grey tones with dashes of red. The frameless canvases lend themselves perfectly to minimalist modern interiors.

Wall art of ships on bay by EZ Living Furniture

In both Water’s Edge and Through the Flowers by Anthony Waller, the stunning sea is framed by gorgeous wildflowers, dancing in the breeze. Impressionist in style, the compositions are incredibly easy on the eye and are lifted by pastel tones. Our coastal gallery is completed by Before Dawn by Adelene Fletcher. This peaceful scene captures the early morning calm of a seaside village and brings timeless tranquillity for your interior.

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Wall art of bushes on a beach by EZ Living Furniture

A room with a view

Smaller spaces can challenge even the most talented interior designer. One trick that many employs is the addition of a print depicting a wide-open space such a beach or the ocean. A room with a view feels light, airy and more spacious.  Better still, coastal artwork will remind you of happy days at the seaside. The colour and subject matter of your prints influences the feel of your rooms and your own mood.

Wall art depicting a house on beach by EZ Living Furniture

Your choice of the art also reflects your personality. Coastal compositions speak of hope, a love of nature and a sense of peace. Did you know that research has suggested that representational works, as opposed to abstract pieces, are favoured by friendly, agreeable and conscientious people?

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Art Ideas for Kids

Enquiring young minds just love colourful art and our spring collection includes the perfect pieces for their bedrooms. A characterful collection of four framed prints showcases loveable animals in bright and breezy shades. The tiger, crocodile, elephant and Giraffe are set against simple grey city skylines. Where have they come from? Where are they going? Have they escaped from the zoo? Kids will adore these cheerful guys and gals which could be grouped together or hung around the room.

 A combination of four wall arts for kids by ez living furniture

Better still, you have the show-stopping Super Safari to complete the look. A rectangular print, this composition features all four animals and their friends. It delivers a riot of colour and fun to the room which would excite the imagination of any youngster.

Framed prints of charm and simplicity

Sometimes simple speaks a thousand words and more. The stunning Standing Ovation by Adelene Fletcher invites contemplation and would be a wonderfully subtle addition to your home. There’s an enigmatic quality to the muted, leafless trees which holds your gaze and draws you in. But if what your interior really lacks is a charm, Fetch by Gracie Tapner is a must-have piece. The cutest of pooches will always raise a smile and this monotone print would suit any décor.

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How to display your prints

You can express your personality with your choice of art but also in the way that you choose to display it. If you favour order and clarity, hang single pieces on your walls or two prints of the same size, side by side. Prints of the same size with identical frames can be hung in grids to produce a harmonious yet dramatic feature wall. A similar effect can be produced by aligning several pieces horizontally.

Spring 2020 wall art collection by ez living furniture

Alternatively, leave convention behind and design a salon wall, covered in pictures of various sizes. Begin in the middle of the wall, work outwards and go with your gut feeling! Pictures should be close together but not touching unless you fancy a patchwork look which is a great choice for prints with similar colours or themes.

Don’t let the grass grow under your feet

Spring is a time of hope and renewal. It’s the perfect season for updating your home, so don’t let the grass grow under your feet. Our wonderful wall art collection will inject personality and vibrancy into every space. You can expect your interior to spring back to life!

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