Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


Mirrors, as we all know, are an excellent and easy way to give any room into a new shape and dimension. Mirrors are wonderful for so many reasons! They bounce light around, create the illusion of more space and are useful for that quick makeup check. You want your home to be unique and full of character and your chosen mirror should also reflect (pun intended!) that.


“Life is like a mirror, smile at it and it’ll smile back at you” – Ernest Holmes


This blog looks at ways in which mirrors can be used in every room in your home. Our latest tips and trick show you how to maximize light output, create the illusion of more space and how to clean and care for mirrors in your home. When choosing the perfect mirror for your wall it can be hard to decide between style and functionality but hopefully, after reading this you will have a better knowledge of finding the perfect balance of the two.



A part of your home that can often be forgotten about in regards to mirrors in your hallway. When you’re on your way out the door and need that last-minute hair & makeup check, a mirror is an essential item to have in your hallway. I would recommend placing a mirror somewhere close to your front door so that you don’t forget to check for messy bed hair before heading to work.

Perhaps think of adding a mirror which also serves another function or purpose such as mirrors that come with shelves or hooks. These types of mirrors can be a great way to mix functionality and style such as the Bistro 3-Panel Mirror which comes with five hooks to keep your home organised while also reflecting light into a dimly lit hallway.


Living Room

A room that I believe is affected the most by adding a mirror or two is your living room. If you have a small or poorly lit living room a mirror is a perfect answer to add space and dimension without breaking your bank. Look out for the biggest wall in your room as this is usually the best place to hang your mirror however also be conscious of where your windows are situated in the room as you want to remember to place mirrors opposite these.

Think outside the box! Don’t just stick to traditional rectangular mirrors. Consider the shape or style of the mirror you’d like to purchase and don’t be afraid to be a bit bold. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and just like the Lana Antique Styled Tall Mirror, this can transform a room that may have limited wall space or lots of empty space in your Living Room.


Dining Room

Combining Mirrors with other pieces of furniture can be a great way to fill the space available in a dining room. A matching sideboard and mirror is a wonderful way to transform a dining room experience and provide storage for dinnerware or a radio to listen to soothing music while you eat. Perhaps if your dining room sports a cosy fireplace this may be another spot to plant a large mirror to illuminate the fire’s warm glow across your dining space.

When looking at the style of your desired mirror it is important to choose something that would complement the personality of your home. At EZ Living Furniture we have many different styles of mirrors where we have something for every home. In our video below with Ger, our concept and visual stylist, we look at the different mirrors available here at EZ Living Furniture and the different types of styles available now.




Bedrooms are an essential place to have mirrors whether you’re getting ready for a night out or taking pictures of that new outfit. We spoke earlier about balancing that sense of style and functionality of a mirror, well some of my favourite mirrors are those which are designed to look almost like art pieces. The Sunburst Gold Round Wall Mirror is an excellent way to fill an empty wall that cries out for some artwork but also with the added advantage of functioning as a mirror. I believe these mirrors would be wonderfully unique in a bedroom and also create a very modern look.



An obvious place that requires plenty of mirrors would be a bathroom. If you love leaving fogged up messages on your mirror after a shower perhaps maybe you should look at updating that sink mirror or purchasing a free-standing mirror.


Keep in mind that mirrors for your bathroom may require extra care to keep them long-lasting as good ventilation is required to prevent them from “sweating” and creating condensing liquids which may corrode the mirror. To prevent this be sure to open up windows after a shower and always use soft-grit free cloths when cleaning a mirror to reduce the chances of scratching the surface. When cleaning the actual surface of the mirror an approved glass cleaner such as Windex or similar products should be used.


So there you have it! From your conservatory to your guestroom, every room can be changed and improved with the addition of a mirror. If you would like to see more ideas about how to use mirrors to enhance your home please see our video below with Ger, concept and visual stylist for EZ Living Furniture;