Design Spotlight: The Chesterfield

Design Spotlight: The Chesterfield

Design Spotlight: The Chesterfield

Timeless, versatile, and resilient. These are the three most admirable qualities of the At The Helm Collection. Featuring chesterfield style sofas, armchairs, and footstools, there’s no reason why it can’t be easily incorporated into your home decor. Easily recognisable thanks to the deep buttoning and often velvet or leather upholstery, it is a welcome addition to the EZ Living Furniture family.

The chesterfield design has been complimenting homes for centuries, which is why we decided to offer it to our customers in both our Adare and Charterhouse ranges. You may be wondering why a style like this has been a staple in our living room, study, and hallway for so long? Well, to understand this we must first look at where and how it came to fruition.

Adare brown leather armchairThe recognisable deep buttoning on a Chesterfield was not part of the original design.

History of Chesterfield furniture

The term “Chesterfield” was first used to describe furniture in the 1800s. However, the beginning of this story is said to have originated long before then. Although there is no way of validating this particular piece of information, it is said that the fourth Earl of Chesterfield - Lord Philip Stanhope, was the first person to commission a Chesterfield sofa - hence the name. If this is to be believed, you are fortunate to enjoy the luxury of the Chesterfield because this English Earl wanted somewhere for a gentleman to sit without creating creases in his suit. He then employed a local craftsman to carry out the work. 

On his deathbed, Lord Phillip was said to have passed on his Chesterfield sofa to his godson, who proudly displayed it in his home. In its new residence, it was greatly admired by visitors where many went on to have their own versions made. This is how this style of furniture made its way into the homes of the British upper class.

Adare grey leather armchair from EZ Living Furniture.The padded cushioning featured on the Adare Armchair was not included until later.

Comfortable Seating with an ageless design

Practicality was valued over comfort during Lord Phillip’s era, but this all changed in the new century. Victorians focused on how comfy their Chesterfield chairs should be and added additional luxurious features - i.e., the deep-set buttoning. Originally, horsehair was used to fill the chair and it was without any suspension system - which must have proven to be very uncomfortable. One theory is that the Earl wanted to discourage unwanted visitors from sitting and waiting for too long. It wasn’t until the Victorian era that the coiled springs were then included in the design.

Chesterfield studded design on Adare Armchair from EZ Living Furniture.Studded detailing was added to the Chesterfield design over time.

Chesterfield in the 21st Century

Since then, the design of the Chesterfield has adapted and grown to include flair, practicality and versatility. Its look still remains elegant and timeless, but it has transcended beyond featuring in only the wealthiest of homes. Now, it will work with traditional or modern decor and a small or larger budget. When shopping for a Chesterfield today, there are more options available to match your home’s requirements. From fabrics to colours, to studding - the choices are limitless. Even tighter spaces can benefit from a Chesterfield. For instance, a footstool or armchair will fit snugly in your living room or bedroom, leaving more floor space.

Adare brown and grey leather armchairsThe Adare Armchairs are upholstered in brown and grey leather. They include the traditional Chesterfield buttoning, studding and scrolled arms.

At The Helm at EZ Living Furniture 

Few other pieces can live up to the luxurious nature of the At The Helm Collection and now we know why. Widely regarded within the industry as experts in Chesterfield manufacturing, At The Helm sets a very high standard for comfort and style. They have enlisted the help of the best crafters and combined this with the finest materials to offer a sophisticated and durable range of furnishings. 

The classic leather At The Helm Chesterfield can be found in the Charterhouse Range below, while the gorgeous velvet offers another alternative. 

Charterhouse 3.5 seater grey leather sofa with the Adare leather footstool from EZ Living Furniture.The Charterhouse 3.5 seater sofa is shown here with the Adare Ottoman footstool.


A leather Chesterfield is everything if not classic. The Charterhouse brings texture and interest to a space, while the vintage grey leather upholstery creates a unique statement. Smaller homes and rooms can also benefit from the Charterhouse because it is available in both a 2 and 3.5 seater version sofa. The low back and arms honour the original design of the Chesterfield while its button back, scroll arms and stud details aim to provide a contemporary feel. 

Dark blue velvet 3.5 seater Adare Sofa with matching footstool from EZ Living Furniture.The Adare Collection is available in dark blue or light teal velvet.


If you want a bold statement, there are always rich and colourful sofas available in the Adare Collection. Suitable for all interiors including minimal, traditional, and modern, Adare will open your home up to a wide range of possibilities. Primarily upholstered in a magnificent velvet, these sofas and footstools have all been reimagined to suit all 21st-century homes. The light teal and dark blue soft velvet would work well in bedrooms and living rooms. A 2 seater and 3.5 seater Adare sofa could instantly lift an interior. The footstool in velvet and leather can offer additional seating when guests are visiting and a comfortable place to rest your legs after a long, hard day. But that is not all. A vintage grey and brown leather armchair also features in the Adare range and could fit snugly in the corner of any living room.

Adare grey leather storage footstool from EZ Living Furniture.The Adare grey storage footstool has an abundance of space to hold any bits and pieces that would otherwise clutter your space.

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