"At Least Put Your Pants On!" 8 Things To Look Out For When Returning To The Office

"At Least Put Your Pants On!" 8 Things To Look Out For When Returning To The Office

"At Least Put Your Pants On!" 8 Things To Look Out For When Returning To The Office

A large portion of employees have returned to work this week. It’s been almost 19 months since the pandemic first struck and most non-essential workers won’t have stepped foot inside their workplaces since before then. It will be a huge change for many who have become accustomed to the working from home (WFH) lifestyle. Some extroverted individuals will be only too delighted to be welcomed back to the office, while introverted individuals will need to be dragged back to their offices kicking and screaming (literally). 

One of the few joys to emerge from the chaos of the last year is all the benefits we were afforded while working from home. EZ Living Furniture are not by any means condoning the behaviour we are mentioning below, but we do know from an insider that they have been happening over the last few months - “shhhhh, don’t tell my boss”.

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For some, flexible remote working was a part of their everyday lives. This meant that you no longer needed to use an alarm clock or a clock of any kind for that matter. You could start your working day whenever you wanted and finish whenever your little heart desired. The only commute you needed to worry about was how to get from the bedroom to the home office or living room in under 2.5 seconds. 

Woman sat on sofa with laptop

Pants? What Pants?

It’s surprising how long it takes to get ready in the morning. When the requirement to make ourselves presentable was taken away it freed up at least an extra 15 minutes of time - which is always useful in the morning. Second cup of coffee anyone? 

When working from home you could just simply decide to not get dressed at all. Pjs, dressing gowns, no makeup, non-combed hair - it was all acceptable. If you did manage to muster up enough energy to throw on some clothing that wasn’t specifically made for nighttime, sweat pants were a popular choice. Who knew trousers and skirts were so restrictive?

Woman in bed with laptop in pjs working from her bed.Don’t forget to get dressed or at least wear pants on your return to the office or you may receive quite a few strange looks.

Working from the bed or Sofa

A couch or bed could have been acting as your home office for the last few months. Sitting on these comfortable, cosy, and surprisingly supportive pieces of furniture seemed to be the perfect place to complete everyday tasks. However, we lacked productivity and our backs started to ache after some time - we can’t imagine why? Maybe it’s because we should have invested in an office chair and desk at the very beginning of the pandemic?

If you are someone who did take the initiative to set up their own office space with the correct furnishings from the very start, you’ll know that it still felt more freeing than if you were in an actual office. 

A selection of brunch foods.


There was no real structure to anyone’s working day when WFH. Lunch breaks and tea breaks could happen at any time throughout the day. You could eat whenever you felt like it and all it took was a few small steps from your chair to your fridge. The food choices were also limitless - for instance, cereal at 3 pm. Unfortunately, with all of us set to return to the workplace, a packed lunch will have to be prepared in advance...and then brought with us.

Remember to bring your lunch with you to work when returning to the workplace.

Woman sat at her laptop for a virtual work meeting.


Ah, virtual meetings. These will certainly be missed. You could attend a virtual meeting in whatever physical state you felt like. Messy hair, PJs, no pants, everything could be hidden by simply switching off your camera. Similarly, your microphone could be muted whenever you felt the need to eat again or if you really wanted to get to know your postman.

Virtual excuses we can no longer use in the office:

“Sorry guys, technical difficulties”.

“My apologies, my WiFi seems to have dropped”.

“That proposal didn’t send? There must be a problem with my email”.

Woman sat on bed with boxes around her and a laptop.Make sure to keep facial expressions such as eye-rolling to a minimum when attending in-person meetings.

Being at home to collect deliveries

Spending more time at home meant more time to buy things and usually unnecessary items at that. When working remotely the worry of being at home to collect parcels could be forgotten. You were always going to be there to collect them. And there was something very comforting about that. 

Getting parcels delivered to your workplace can be a little trickier, especially when it comes to those larger items.

Woman lying on green chesterfield sofa with book in hand.

Wait, you can leave the house?

With remote work, food delivery, and EZ Living Furniture, you never really had to leave the house. In fact, you may have even forgotten that leaving the house was an option. For introverts, this was a great feeling. For extroverts, maybe not so much. You may have taken this luxury for granted as an introvert.

Cars in traffic jam.


Commute? What commute? When working from home there was no travelling to and from work. We no longer needed to drive aggressively or rush to the nearest bus stop. No, we could simply wake up and begin our daily tasks.  It really was that easy.

Allow at least an extra 10 minutes in the morning to warm up the car before making your way to the office.

Tia white top desk and Parry White Chair from EZ Living Furniture.

If you have just received the exciting news that you will be working from home full time, you may want to start thinking about creating that perfect at-home office space now. Discover all that you need to in the latest EZ Living Furniture blog below. 

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