7 Minimalist Interior Design Ideas You Should Consider For Your Home

7 Minimalist Interior Design Ideas You Should Consider For Your Home

7 Minimalist Interior Design Ideas You Should Consider For Your Home

Even though minimalism is a fairly recent trend that interior designers and homeowners are following, the minimalist approach has been around since the 20th century, when it started as an art movement. What started up as paintings, sculptures, and pictures, minimalism evolved and expanded to become a part of our lifestyle and the way we design our ideal home.

Minimalism is about the beauty and art in simplicity, not just about focusing on functionality and owning less in general.

Minimalism is a lifestyle and philosophy, which goes hand in hand with how we live our day to day life and design where we live and apply this philosophy. We will not go too deep into this topic as it’s really broad, but if you want to know how to make your home more minimalist we have put together seven ideas for you to consider when designing your home.

1. White walls

White is almost a synonym for a minimalist. It’s a neutral color that will never become outdated and the brightness will make you fall in love with your home every time you walk in. There’s a reason why the happiest people on earth who live in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries love this color.

You can never go wrong with painting your walls while. It’s a choice many people make and it still gives the room more life and energy than any other color. What’s also interesting, white walls give you the illusion of a more spacious place.

2. Enclosed spaces

Minimalism is about having less material things, but in interior design, minimalism is about less material things on display. So, a way to make your home more minimalist is the idea of keeping your stuff in hidden or enclosed spaces.

We all have our favorite pieces of furniture, decorations, or awards, but a minimalist home is about keeping those away and not where they can be seen in plain sight. Same thing with closets with no doors or cloth racks. One colored closet work way better as an alternative.

A wonderful minimalist design concept by EZ Living Furniture

We all have an emotional attachment to things, but minimalism is about being present and cherishing those memories as best as you can, without needing to attach them to material stuff. If you have a picture that was given to you as a gift or you have a souvenir that you bought when you were travelling around Europe if you want a minimalist home to understand that they do not belong in your living room.

Do not throw stuff away that you really like or that means a lot to you. Everyone own material things that make us happy and satisfied, and they should stay with you, but a minimalist home doesn’t display object like those in plain sight.

3. Less clutter

As I said before, minimalism is a philosophy of focusing on owning less and experiencing more.

If you want to have a minimalist home, you must break the habit of buying stuff and de-cluttering your home as much as you can. It’s not easy, but if you are committed to becoming a minimalist you can do it.

Focus on keeping stuff that is functional and you use it on a daily basis. Get rid of stuff that has been on your shelf for years. Throw away stuff that you haven’t touched with your hands in ages and has gathered dust by not being used.

Clutter doesn’t belong in a minimalist home, and once you adopt the habit of owning less and eliminating stuff that you don’t use, your home will look just the way you want it.   

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4. Balance

The key to designing your ideal minimalist home is a balance.

Every piece of furniture should be in balance with the other in perfect harmony of colors, materials, and shapes.

A minimalist design idea from EZ Living Furniture

Minimalism is not about having a boring environment; it’s about calmness, peace, and being completely satisfied and fulfilled with where you live, so you can enjoy life more with your family. And to achieve all this, you need a balance of all elements.

5. Less Technology

Minimalist homes have no TVs, iPads, Computers, or whatever the latest gadget is.

Technology definitely has its place when it’s actually functional in our daily lives. Most of us use our smartphones to communicate or our laptops to work on, but when you have all sorts of devices that only produce distractions, it’s best if you completely eliminate them from your daily lives.

6. Functionality

We already mentioned this before, but owning functional things is something that you learn with experience and understand how you live. If it’s a new home or you recently moved to another part of the country, become aware of what you actually need on a daily basis and how you use stuff. Everything else that you use rarely or that don’t serve a function you can keep them somewhere else or have them donated or thrown away.

Bradford recliner sofa from EZ Living Furniture

The idea that you are going to need something in the future based on assumptions and not proof, and you absolutely must have it in your home, is what keeps most people from eliminating clutter. Learn to let go.

7. More happiness and fulfilment

Contrary to what most people think, a minimalist home is defined by the people who live in it. What you consider to be a minimalist design, someone else might consider it to be something else. Keep in mind: you choose how your home should look like.

If you want a minimalist home, keep these ideas I mind and learn to understand minimalism as a philosophy not just as a design trend.

Keep making changes, eliminating clutter, and moving things around until you are happy and fulfilled with your home.

Allow happiness to become a part of where you live and where you live will allow you to happy.

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Jim Antderson is a passionate interior design geek, fan expert and the main author at SplendidFans.com