What Your Coffee Table Decor Says About You

What Your Coffee Table Decor Says About You

What Your Coffee Table Decor Says About You

A coffee table is often the main focal point for your living room. Visitors will gather around it, you will lay in front of it to watch Netflix, you might even treat it like a dining table and eat meals from it if you live in a tiny apartment. In an ideal world, this item of furniture would be immaculately styled at all times, but in a more realistic world, we know that it can regularly become overwhelmed with everyday items such as remote controls and cups of tea. Keeping it tidy can be a huge task in itself, but how you decorate it will also show others a lot about your personality. Below you will discover new ways to portray yourself in a certain way through your coffee table decor and items that should be included at all costs. 

Aston Oak Coffee Table with Gold Legs from EZ Living Furniture.

Books or Magazines

A stack of books or magazines offers an opportunity to add personality and colour to your coffee table. You are the type of person who spends a lot of time reading. You enjoy talking about books and keeping up with the latest trends. By keeping your favourite books and magazines on your coffee table, your living room will be full of conversation starters when guests are over. 

Others may just use books and magazines for decor and that’s ok too - it’s recommended in fact. Just remember that the genre of publication you use for your coffee table display will paint you in a certain way. Ulysses by James Joyce will present you in an intellectual manner to those who stop by. While Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen would reveal your romantic side to those around you. A gossip magazine will let others know that you are not to be trusted - you just love hearsay too much. 

Coffee, candle and vase on side table with armchair


A person who includes coasters on their coffee table is a forward thinker. You know that by using coasters from the very beginning you will avoid damaging your table in the future with a water ring. We would consider them an absolute necessity here in EZ Living Furniture, but only because we want all of our customers to keep their tables looking their best for as long as possible. 

You’re probably also all about protecting the other items of furniture in the house. Your dining table will most likely feature placemats for dinnerware and your mattress will have a mattress protector. You’re not a risk-taker because everything is considered an investment to you and you will protect it at all costs. 

Jayden Bowl from EZ Living Furniture on coffee table.


A decorative bowl placed on top of a stack of books will add interest to your coffee table display. If you are someone who fancies themselves as an interior designer then you probably have one of these on your table. Nothing is seen as a challenge for you. You will take the time to research an unfamiliar topic and become an expert at it in no time. You will probably already know that adding a bowl with an uneven texture or glazed appearance will make your eye linger for longer. 

Mariela Large Pink Terracotta Vase from EZ Living Furniture.


The right tray can help to keep smaller items together. They can be used on a number of surfaces and in a variety of rooms. Placed on a dressing table in a bedroom, a tray can keep your cosmetics in one place, while in a hallway it can sit proudly on a console table ready to accept your everyday items such as a wallet, sunglasses, keys, or loose change. Someone who has multiple trays around the house is usually a very organised and particular individual. You like everything to have a place and everything to be in its place.

 Large light grey Rayskin Vase from EZ Living Furniture.

Vases and Candles

Bring in nature from the outside with a flower arrangement displayed inside of a vase. The perfect plant or flower combination will add softness, colour, and life to a coffee table decor. If you are someone that has a textured vase or scented candle on their coffee table then you likely worry about how your home will appear to others. You are most at peace when everything around you is cosy, fresh and smells amazing. Ornaments, lanterns, candle holders and plant pots are not outside your realm of expertise.

Aston Walnut Coffee Table with Gold legs from EZ Living Furniture.

So, what’s your coffee table like? 

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