The EZ Christmas Planner

The EZ Christmas Planner


The holiday season is one of the most exciting times of the year, but it can also be one of the most stressful. It can be hard to keep track of who you’ve bought a gift for, what parties you plan to attend and who you’ve sent Christmas cards to, amongst everything else you’ve to juggle.

To stay organized and ensure nothing is left unattended, you can use the EZ Christmas planner…the last thing you want to do during the holidays is to forget to attend a party or worse, someone’s gift!



Christmas Planner -

As you prep for the Christmas season, you’re very likely to be under pressure so in order to stay organised and avoid stress, create a planner with all your to-do’s!
Make notes on your calendar too with all your important dates- parties, trips, dinners, school shows and of course, Christmas!



Shopping List –

Make a shopping list to stay within budget otherwise you’ll arrive home with the entire store but forget the basics like milk or worse.. the ingredients you need for your big Christmas dinner! Speaking of the famous dinner, be sure to make it special by adding your own personal touch.
To give you a few ideas, our novelty Christmas dinnerware sets are a must-have, especially with children around the table.

Make dinner an enjoyable time for all.



Our home accessories can really enhance any dining area too and will add that extra splash to your interior that you're looking for this year.



Budget Planner –

Speaking of budget, avoid financial stress by planning a rough estimate of your budget ahead of time. Set price limits for the gifts you plan to give, the meals you plan to make and the decorations you’re going to buy. Refrain from the last-minute shopping as all promises to yourself will go out the window! 

To give you some ideas for gifts on a budget, these candles from the Field Day Collection are rich in quality, long burning & the perfect gift for your child's' teacher, a friend or a neighbour.  

Christmas in a Candle. The Winter Fragrance is a warm and comforting blend of cinnamon, clove, spicy orange and soft vanilla.



Christmas Recipes –

I love all things Christmas and I know everyone will agree with me when I say one of the best parts about Christmas is all the delicious food! If you’re making a traditional homemade pudding, now is the time to do it. Christmas puddings get better with time, so the coming weeks are perfect for letting it age.
We’re not professional chefs here at EZ Living Furniture but we do love a classic Christmas pudding. Sometimes we think that the presentation is half the battle to impress your guests.



Christmas Card Tracker –

List the names and addresses of the family and friends you plan to send Christmas cards to. As you post the cards, tick them off the list. By doing this you will avoid the awkward moment when you meet a certain in-law and you have a bad feeling you forgot them! Trust me you do not want this to happen...


Decor Planning –

Decorating can be one of the most enjoyable ways to get into the Christmas spirit and as the festive season is fast approaching, it’s time to bag some beautiful baubles! If this Christmas is to be the best one ever, it is worth exploring the impressive range of stylish decorations at EZ Living Furniture. The stunning Christmas trees, angels, wreaths and centrepieces will enable you to create eye-popping, on-trend displays for your home.

Not forgetting the dreaded Christmas pre-clean. Try looking at it in a positive way and a great time to clean out the playroom, make room for some new toys or get jobs started that have been prolonged for months. It’s sure to freshen up your home and to lighten the load post-Christmas.

EZ Living –

Christmas is all about making new memorable moments (surrounded by food & gifts!) so the most important thing to remember really is to ENJOY!


- Yvonne.