Taking Down Your Christmas Decorations: The Lazy Guide

Taking Down Your Christmas Decorations: The Lazy Guide

Taking Down Your Christmas Decorations: The Lazy Guide

It is hard to imagine that Christmas 2020 is over. With many separated for much of the year due to Covid-19, the focus was placed firmly and quite rightly on family and friends this Christmas. But alas, C’est fini! 

We have entered 2021 with an uncertainty like no other. Who knows what this year will bring? One thing is for sure though and that is that our Christmas decorations need to be taken down. Oh yes, it’s that time again. It is a painstaking job that most delay for as long as possible. We sit, still in our Christmas PJs and with leftover turkey still digesting in our stomachs refusing to believe that Christmas is over. We are in denial. But what if EZ Living Furniture had devised a must-read lazy guide to help you to take down your Christmas decorations? Well, that is exactly what we have done. If you are wondering how to store your Christmas tree, Christmas lights or a Christmas wreath until next year, then look no further.

Little girl putting christmas decorations on a christmas tree

Cling Film your Christmas tree

We did say that this was the lazy guide to Xmas decorations, and never one to disappoint, we have made it easier than ever to store your Christmas tree. Simply wrap your fully decorated tree in Cling film. Ensure that you cover it tightly and now it’s ready to be thrown up and kept in the attic for the following year. There’s no need to even take off Christmas baubles.  You can thank us later. 

Wrap lights around cardboard

If battery operated, it’s important to remove these before storing any Christmas lights. Otherwise you will encounter battery acid leakage. You’ve been warned. You can keep all indoor lights around cardboard. You can reuse cardboard from gifts or toys of that year or discarded wrapping paper rolls. 

Christmas decorations surrounding a cup of tea with beaded garlands

Beaded Garlands in plastic bottles

Keep any and all beaded garlands in plastic bottles. Use salvaged milk cartons, orange juice cartons, or water bottles. Clear plastic is best as you can instantly see what colour beads you had kept from the year before.

Store Baubles in Egg Cartons

With baubles being the most fragile items in existence, it’s worth noting that baubles and ornaments can be kept in already available items in your home. Egg cartons are a staple and can protect any breakable decorations from shattering into a thousand pieces. 

Woman wearing a christmas jumper

Christmas Jumpers

A Christmas jumper is a piece of clothing that is only worn a few times during the Xmas holidays. But this means setting them aside for future years. Vacuum bags can hold a lot of products and will shrink them to almost half of their size. These are available to buy with hand pumps or a hoover.