Starfish, Pillow-hugger Or Skydiver? What Kind Of Sleeper Are You?

Starfish, Pillow-hugger Or Skydiver? What Kind Of Sleeper Are You?

Starfish, Pillow-hugger Or Skydiver? What Kind Of Sleeper Are You?

Sleeping is a normal part of our everyday lives. Some view it as a necessity, while others see it as something to look forward to throughout the day when they have missed their usual intake of coffee. It’s fair to say that everyone puts a different amount of emphasis on sleep and the same can be said for sleeping positions. Not many people know that how you sleep can also affect your wellbeing and your attitude throughout the day, especially if you don’t have a suitable mattress for your specific position.

Sometimes sleeping positions can go beyond lying on our front, back and sides. Here at EZ Living Furniture, we know that there are many sleeping positions that are not usually recognised in the sleeping community. And we want it to stop - #justiceforstrangesleepingpositions. Yes, there is a front, back and side sleeper but there are also some stranger alternatives. From a starfish who takes over the entire bed (much to their partner’s dismay), a pillow-hugger who deadens their arms throughout the night, or a skydiver who wraps their arms around their pillow, we recognise that it takes all to make a sleeping world. This blog is not about changing your sleeping position but more about recognising which one you have, and the personality traits associated with it. From this, we then hope to alleviate some of the negative effects of your unusual position by offering you some information on the best mattress for your sleeping type. So, what are you waiting for? Find out yours……

Saol Fada Mattress from EZ Living FurnitureThe Saol Fada Platinum 1800 Mattress would provide firm support to a starfish sleeper.


A starfish sleeper is sprawled out across the whole bed. That’s why this position bears the same name as a sea creature who normally has its arms and legs extended. This person can sleep on their front or back and doesn’t really have a set position apart from when they stretch out their limbs. These sleepers are carefree and tend to go with the flow - which is why they unknowingly put their hand or foot in the face of their partners at night. Ouch!

This sleeper requires a mattress with edge-to-edge support and minimised sleep disturbance. We also suggest opting for a super king-size mattress if you want your partner to have a full and undisturbed night’s sleep. 

Luxury 3200 Mattress from EZ Living FurnitureThe Luxury 3200 Mattress would benefit a pillow-hugger who usually sleeps on their side.


Ahhh, the pillow-hugger. If you fall asleep with your arms wrapped around your pillow to feel cosy, then this is your position. This is one of the more popular sleeping angles and one where adults will crave the closeness of something cooler at night. You might think that these individuals would also have a soft spot for spooning - well you couldn’t be more wrong. The human body can run quite warm at night, and this is the last thing a pillow-hugger would want. These sleepers are caring and family-oriented during the day, just not at night. 

Firstly, this individual will need a good-quality pillow, something that will keep its shape over time (even when squeezed every night for many months). This sleeper requires a mattress with medium-to-firm support and softness to allow for pillow-huggers who usually tend to sleep on their sides. 

Wellbeing Mattress from EZ Living Furniture.The Wellbeing Latex Mattress features foam encasement to prevent side-sagging and 2000 pocket springs for support. It’s the ideal mattress for a skydiver.


Have you ever been skydiving? We haven’t, which may be why some of us emulate this sleeping position at night. It could be something we are subconsciously craving, or it could just be the most comfortable angle for us to sleep in. This skydiver position is when you sleep on your stomach (front) with your head to one side and arms wrapped around the pillow. Like its name suggests, this person has a playful character and isn’t afraid of adventure. 

A medium comfort mattress is best for skydivers. It will stop them from sinking into the mattress and putting more pressure on their spines. Not unlike the pillow-hugger, this person also requires an exceptionally good pillow. Superior bed linen is also a must as those who skydive at night are likely to drool. To prevent this from soaking into a duvet or mattress, purchase a good-quality fitted sheet, pillowcases, duvet covers, and mattress protector. You’ll be glad you did.

Rian Mattress from EZ Living Furniture.The Rian Mattress is perfect for those who lie on their front or back and have one leg hanging off the bed. The foam wall encasement and 5,000 pocket springs will offer plenty of support.

One Leg Hanging off the Bed

You wouldn’t dream of doing this when you were a child, for fear that the monster hiding under your bed would grab hold of your foot. Now, as an adult, the terror has lessened - slightly. The one defining characteristic of this sleeper could be irrational fears?

Those who like the warm feeling of being wrapped up in blankets but overheat quickly will like this position. By hanging one leg off the bed and out of the duvet, you can easily lower your overall body temperature. 

The “one leg hanging off the bed” sleeper will need a mattress with a supportive edging to allow for the overhanging leg. Side-sagging in a mattress would most likely ruin this person’s entire life. 


Wellbeing Gel Mattress from EZ Living Furniture.The Wellbeing Gel Mattress can help to regulate your body temperature with its Cool Plus fabric while the gel delivers full-body support.

Too Hot to Handle

Although not a sleeping position per se, a person who is prone to overheating at night will need a specific type of mattress. This sleeper is usually identifiable by the beads of sweat rolling down their foreheads and red colouring that coats their entire bodies. Strong and independent, they don’t even like to rely on a duvet and quite frankly, shouldn’t even own one - unless it has a low tog rating.

The best mattress for this person should include a cooling element. 

Grand Regal Mattress from EZ Living Furniture.The Grand Regal Mattress has a warm wool cashmere filling on one side which makes it the best choice for “Frosty the Snowman”.

Frosty the Snowman

Too early to mention Christmas? Well, this doesn’t relate to Christmas but rather the temperature at which snow normally makes an appearance. It’s obvious, but to clarify, this person is always cold. During the day they will complain about the freezing temperatures, during the night they will press their cold limbs against their partners or wrap themselves up in a duvet. They are normally warm-hearted and kind individuals - just not when they’re cold. 

If you are (un)lucky enough to share a bed with “Frosty the Snowman” we suggest buying a super king-size duvet. When this sleeper inevitably rolls themselves into the duvet at night, you might just get the corner of it to warm yourself if you purchase this size. 

Grande Royale Mattress from EZ Living Furniture.The Grand Royale Mattress can accommodate cold winters and warm summers. Simply flip to access your desired temperature.

The Inbetweener

The “Inbetweener” sleeper will adapt to the temperature of each season. For example, during the summer months, they will overheat and throughout the winter they will freeze. This person would rather fit in than stand out and can sometimes be mistaken for a boring individual. The best mattress for this sleeper is one that can be altered to suit the warm summers and cold winters or simply put, an “all season’s mattress”. The Grande Royale Mattress has warm wool on one side and cool cotton on the other making it the ideal choice for the “Inbetweener”.

 San Francisco Bed Frame from EZ Living Furniture.

So, which one are you? Still unsure? Come and visit our showrooms to find the perfect mattress for you and figure out your sleeping position at the same time. 

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