Joanne Condon’s Top 8 Bedroom Design Tips

Joanne Condon’s Top 8 Bedroom Design Tips

Joanne Condon’s Top 8 Bedroom Design Tips

Whether you’re decorating a new home, re-vamping a rented property, or just one of the thousands seeking inspiration to modernise your living space, chances are, you’ve heard of Furniture Artist, Joanne Condon. Tipperary based Joanne, has years of experience in upcycling furniture and has amassed a huge following on Instagram due to her impressive decorating and DIY skills. Formerly an art teacher, Joanne loves colour and in her own words transforms items into functioning pieces of art.

With a great deal of home décor and painting secrets to share, Joanne sat down with us, EZ Living Furniture to reveal to us her top 8 bedroom décor ideas. And to help you to avoid any future bedroom design disasters, we’ve compiled a list straight from the pro herself.

Moodboard to help interior design

Putting together a moodboard can help you visualise your ideas.

Use beds as the main focal points

“Our starting point in my mam’s bedroom was with the Sofia double bed finished in a teal velvet from EZ Living Furniture”. Joanne suggests mapping everything out first and even presents us with a printed-out mood board centered around the bed. It includes swatches of colours and fabrics which compliment the bed frame and an old bedside locker that she plans to renovate.

Reuse what you already own

“My mam already owns the EZ Living Bronx Armchair, It’s really comfortable with a high back and perfect for her reading and knitting”. Also finished in a teal velvet, this accent chair will feature alongside the Sofia bedframe in Joanne’s mam’s bedroom. “It’ll tie in really nice with the bedframe”.

Start small

Joanne is a big advocate of starting small when upcycling and decorating bedroom furniture. “Focus on one corner of the room first”. Once painted, an old chest of drawers/bedside table can indicate whether you are headed in the right direction with a room design and colour choice. It can also tell you when it isn’t working for the space. “When it comes to new builds, spend some time in the room to really understand what you want from it, this can help with colours and practicality”.

Prep is key

“You need to sand and prime; your base is so important and once you’ve got that down, you’re flying and you’ll use less paint”. Joanne also recommends satin wood paint for its wipe down capabilities. Finishing strong with good tools is also vital according to Joanne, rollers can produce a sprayed type effect and give a much nicer finish. An old hard paint brush that you’ve kept in your garage for the last 10 years will almost certainly guarantee an uneven surface and should be binned immediately. Thank goodness for Joanne as my paintbrush was about to be resurrected from the depths of the garage once again.

EZ Living Sofia bed frame

Joanne reccomends using the bed frame as a starting point for your bedroom design.

Do not rush

“I’d never paint and prime a piece in one day, it needs time to cure/set”. Joanne urges us to treat any design project as an enjoyable experience and not a task that needs to be finished within a certain time frame. “Space it out and it’ll all pull together, with no pressure you’ll be happier with everything”. Still unsure? Do the scratch test. “Come back to it after priming and scratch it with your fingernail, if it comes off, something’s wrong”. Try re-sanding the item again.

Pop of colour for accessories

Accessories are where you can have the most craic”. Joanne advises using versatile colours that mix with multiple different colours. This will prevent you from limiting your colour scheme. Use colour on items such as photo frames or decorative cushions for that ultimate ‘pop’. There are many factors to consider when it comes to colour according to Joanne. “Lighting in the room can affect a colours appearance, or paint colours already on the wall”. Put your sample colour on a white piece of paper and bring it into the room you are decorating. This will provide a more accurate representation of the colour and how it will fit your space.

Adding a pop of colour to your interior design with accessories

Joanne suggests using a pop of colour and accessories to make your own personal statement.

Sizing and space

Joanne suggests marking the size of your furniture out on the floor with tape before purchasing. “I walk around the room, and if I keep walking into the taped area, that piece isn’t functional”. If you’re lacking space and want to give the illusion of more space in a room, free standing furniture is the way to go according to Joanne. “A wardrobe with legs creates more space in a room”.

Don’t be afraid of DIY or upholstery

“Build up slowly and refine your skills”, Joanne is a woman unafraid of any challenge and has become confident in using power tools in everyday life. “You can make something completely unique and you have total control over its appearance”. Joanne also dabbles in reupholstering but warns that that it is time consuming.

Finally, remember that decorating can be fun and by following Joanne’s simple steps, you’ll create the bedroom of your dreams in no time. As Joanne herself says “the possibilities are endless”. And with that in mind and the sudden urge to buy all the power tools, fabric and paint in existence, we’re off to the shops.

For more design and upcycling ideas from Joanne Condon, check out her Instagram page here. You won't regret it!