How To Make The Most Of Mirrors In Your Home

How To Make The Most Of Mirrors In Your Home

How To Make The Most Of Mirrors In Your Home

Every homeowner should know a little bit about interior design. If not for incorporating colour into the home, then to avoid any costly permanent building changes that can be easily accomplished with the use of a few inexpensive home accessories. For instance, if your living room is looking a little small for your liking, then you might have considered an extension. This is a time-consuming, permanent, and even expensive change to make. But did you know that you can create the illusion of a bigger space with the help of one simple item - a mirror? It’s true! And mirrors have many other benefits that can add true value to your home for less than….well, most things really. EZ Living Furniture is delighted to be able to share these benefits and tips with you (below) in the hopes of creating the ideal home for you and your family.

Chevron Round Wall Mirror from EZ Living Furniture.

What can a mirror do for your home?

Brighten a room

When placed next to a light source such as a window or behind a switched-on table lamp, a mirror can boost the brightness in an entire room. This is especially important and useful for those of you who have particularly dark corners in a hallway or sitting room.

Enlarge a room

Enlarge smaller spaces with the use of a mirror. These reflective beauties are capable of doubling the space in a room or at least making it appear as if it has doubled. Transform a small bedsit with a rectangular wall mirror, or use a slim, full-length mirror to make a narrow hallway look much bigger.

Lamont full-length mirror from EZ Living Furniture.

Enhance a room

Mirrors have the amazing ability to enhance something or deflect attention away from it. When facing something, a mirror will reflect this image around the room. For instance, if a mirror is placed in front of a textured, bright coloured vase, it will incorporate and reflect more colour and texture into the entire room. Awkward-shaped spaces can be completely repurposed with the use of a full-length mirror. Divert the attention away from sloping ceilings or small gaps by filling them with a square, rectangular, or round mirror.

Create a focal point

Usually, a fireplace will serve as an excellent focal point in most living rooms. When a wall mirror is placed above this, it tends to further exaggerate the centre of the room. For sitting rooms without a fireplace, a wall mirror is a great tool for dictating the middle point of the room.

Square Scooped edge panelled mirror from EZ Living Furniture.

Choosing the Right Mirror & Where To Put It

  • Mirror Placement - The sweet spot for mirror placement is at the average person’s eye level (roughly 60” or 152cm). If hanging above a mantle or fireplace this measurement will differ and is usually higher - and that’s ok too.
  • Mirror Shapes - Consider the shape and style of your room and reflect that in your chosen mirror. Choose from a number of shapes such as round, rectangular, panelled, window and square.
  • Mirror Sizes - It’s important to recognise that the size of a mirror can influence its impact. Yes, every mirror will offer all of the benefits listed above, but not all in the same quantities. Think about it this way, the bigger the mirror, the bigger its effect. By choosing a larger full-length mirror you can further increase the available light and space in a room. However, this particular mirror will demand a larger floor space which isn’t always available in smaller homes. A dressing table mirror in a bedroom or a wall mirror in a hallway is an excellent way to still introduce those benefits in tighter areas. It is essential that you try to understand and fulfil your needs and the needs of the room it is placed in.

Black Arch Panel Wall Mirror - Hyde from EZ Living Furniture.

EZ TIP: To help determine whether a mirror’s shape and size will suit your wall, use a piece of paper. Cut this paper to the same shape and size as the mirror you wish to purchase. Fit this to the wall and stand back. Is it too big? Is it too small? Is the shape all wrong for your room? Now is the time to fully examine and reconsider your choice.

  • Frame Design - A mirror’s surrounding frame is just as important as its shape. You can further enhance the look and design of a room with a suitably framed mirror. If you currently have a classic decor and wish to complement this - choose a vintage-inspired frame. In contrast, if you have a modern decor, pick a simple and clean surrounding frame.

EZ Living Furniture Shelf Mirror.

  • Alternative Mirror Design - Choose a mirror with an attached shelf for those smaller spaces. In a bathroom, these mirrors can hold cosmetics, toothbrushes and toothpaste. In a bedroom, they can keep accessories and jewellery in one handy and easy-to-reach place. And finally, when placed in a living room, they can display an array of home accessories such as candles and vases.

Small Oak Mirror from EZ Living Furniture.

  • Group Mirrors - Try grouping mirrors together to create an on-trend mirror wall. This will help to create a larger and more effective focal point in a room. For a hassle-free alternative, choose bubble mirrors which are individual mirrors that are already grouped together for your convenience.
  • Mirrors for outdoors - Mirrors are not just for indoors. Use mirrors to introduce more natural light in a shady patio or basement level garden.

Odil Round Wall Mirror from EZ Living Furniture.

As you can see, mirrors can be wonderful additions to any home and offer a whole host of benefits. And because mirrors are available in a large range of shapes and sizes, you can fully enjoy the advantages of a mirror while still expressing your individual taste and style.

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For more individualised decor, consider getting a piece of wall art to place alongside them.

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