EZ Living Furniture 2021 Wall Art Collection

EZ Living Furniture 2021 Wall Art Collection

EZ Living Furniture 2021 Wall Art Collection

The EZ Living Furniture 2021 wall art collection features an exciting mix of contemporary canvases and peaceful prints. Each piece has the ability to reflect a person’s personality, introduce colour, and complete any room in a home. Taken from original work by talented artists, every piece of art has been carefully chosen for our customers and all promise to create a stunning focal point while sparking conversations with visiting family and friends.

From framed to unframed, coastal to abstract, you’re sure to find something worthy of your interior in this year’s collection, whether it’s for the bedroom, hallway, living room or dining room. 


Wall Art Themes of 2021


Lavish Landscapes

True Blue Print by Ulyana Hammond from EZ Living Furniture. True Blue by Ulyana Hammond is a coastal landscape print that honours the home of the artist in the Isle of Wight.

A calming landscape could be exactly what your hectic household is missing. The beautiful blue tones found in the True Blue print above, can offer a peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly feeling to anyone in its vicinity. Colour psychology also suggests that people are found to be more productive in a room that features a lot of blue. By that reasoning, this piece would work well in a variety of rooms - maybe even your home office?

Mountain Cliff Photographic Print from EZ Living Furniture.A man can be seen perched on the edge of the cliff contemplating the stunning vista in the Mountain Cliff Print.

Mountain Cliff is another fine example of an awe-inspiring landscape. Featuring dramatic scenery, this piece is hard to take your eyes off of. The breathtaking views depicted in this photographic print are further enhanced by the imposing cliff that sits high above the river. 


Noteworthy Nature

Roots of Time and Watch Tree Prints from EZ Living Furniture.Roots of Time (left) and Watch Tree (right) Prints by artist Ulyana Hammond. The tree branches in both pieces are adorned with watch faces which represent the passing of time and conjure up thoughts of changing seasons.

Welcoming nature into a home through wall art is very beneficial. Plants, trees, and flowers remind us of fresh air and the outdoors, which is why we tend to gravitate so strongly towards them when choosing home accessories of any kind. Trees in particular stand as a symbol of growth, gravity, and enlightenment. The contrasting colours found in the Roots of Time and Watch Tree Prints will add a pop of colour to an interior, making it the perfect choice for displaying above a mantelpiece in a living room, dressing table in a bedroom, or indeed any room that lacks colour. 

Fanciful Print from EZ Living Furniture/. Fanciful, by artist Sabrina Roscino would compliment a contemporary interior.

The flowers featured in the Fanciful Framed Canvas differ from those found in other compositions. Fanciful, by artist Sabrina Roscino, has wildflowers and foliage painted against a muted and indistinct background. Often artists would use flowers as a way to incorporate vibrant colours into a setting. This canvas challenges that with its softened tones of white, blue, yellow, and green.


Adventurous Animals

Animal prints are a great way for animal lovers to express themselves. A print that includes farm animals like the cows found in our Two Amigos Print may be the ideal choice for someone who loves cattle and wishes to add some character to their home decor.

Jack and Jill Rabbit Prints from EZ Living Furniture.Jack (Top) and Jill (Bottom) are prints from artist Gracie Tapner. Their plain backgrounds ensure that there is nothing to divert attention away from these radiant and colourful rabbits.

The Jack and Jill rabbit prints above will allow you to experience all that a bunny has to offer. These long-eared animals represent intelligence, vigilance, vitality, and rebirth. The rich colours found in both prints will bring a light-hearted and nature-filled element to any interior.

Statuesque Canvas from EZ Living Furniture.The heron in the Statuesque Canvas by Steve Hunziker is backed by exotic waterside flora. The blue, pink and green tones would lend a pleasing accent colour to your room.

Framed canvases can deliver significant impact, especially when they feature a great blue heron. The Statuesque Framed Heron Canvas by original artist Steve Hunziker will give you a striking piece for your home. The rich colours will immediately draw the eye, while the heron serves to create a sense of calm and tranquillity. The heron has long been associated with stillness, patience and deep meditation.


Coastal Captures

Coastal art has been famous among artists for hundreds of years. It has been captured in paintings by Pablo Picasso, Sandro Botticelli and Claude Monet, to name a few. Interestingly, it was used as a way to study colour, light, and movement in art history. A seascape was also a popular way for artists to share their emotions with the viewer. Beach art such as the Coastal Retreat print from original artist Anthony Waller will instantly lift your decor and will thrive when displayed in a hallway, living room or dining room.  

Moored Up Print from EZ Living Furniture.Moored Up by original artist Anthony Waller comes displayed in an unglazed frame.

Moored Up is a second print created by Anthony Waller. It’s a complimentary composition featuring a pretty fishing village backed by woodland. Small boats are moored at a stone wall and lay gently on the sandy shores. The muted colour palette in this print includes hints of almost every colour in the rainbow. Blue, white, grey, green, and yellow are most prominent and serve to brighten the mood of anyone lucky enough to cast their eyes on this wonderful print. 


Portrait Prints

Lily Framed Canvas from EZ Living Furniture.The Lily by Charlotte Oakley will enhance the visual impact of your interior.

Portraits have almost always been used to show power, importance, beauty and wealth. Favoured among artists since the late 1600s, a portrait was usually commissioned by those in the upper classes and would include the entire family or just the head of the household. Now, of course, portraits have progressed and can include anyone - even individuals that are unknown to us. Lily is a bold and striking example of this. This wrapped canvas by artist Charlotte Oakley is a contemporary yet somehow timeless piece. It would be the perfect accent piece to a clean and modern space because of the vivid colours in the beautiful woman’s headdress.


Hanging Houses

Colourful houses in grey framed prints Colour Block Country and Next Door Neighbour from EZ Living Furniture. Colour Block Country (Bottom) and Next Door Neighbour (Top) sit neatly in their grey frames with white inlays. Their muted surroundings beautifully enhance the vivid colouring found within.

Houses like the ones captured in the Next Door Neighbour and Color Block Country prints will bring pleasing accent colour to your space. Original artist Adelene Fletcher combines a cluster of bright-coloured cottages with gorgeous wildflowers. She also makes sure that these charming prints would suit both traditional and modern interiors. 


Impressionistic Images

Western Glow Framed Canvas from EZ Living Furniture.Western Glow is created by original artist Ulyana Hammond.

Intrigue is the spice of life. Impressionistic and abstract prints will give you the freedom to explore the artwork and assign your own meaning to the piece. The Liberty Framed Canvas from original artist Charlotte Oakley allows you to sense the movement of an elegant ballerina as she performs a pirouette. Similarly, the Western Glow Print boasts a magical quality that cannot fail to enhance your interior. Some individuals might notice a moorland in the foreground of the piece, while others might like to imagine a contrasting scene of their own. 


Greyscale Gallery

Sometimes, the last thing a room will need is colour. It may have already been included in other items such as cushions, vases, and other home accessories. Adding additional colour could cause the room to become overwhelmed. Which is not the look most homeowners are going for. 

A monochrome composition is a genre on its own. It is immediately more mysterious because we see everything in colour all the time. Black and white prints are quieter than colour and force the viewer to embrace the entire image rather than focusing on a specific element which usually happens in a colour-filled alternative.

High Point, Woodland Stroll, Above the Clouds Framed Prints from EZ Living Furniture.Pictured: High Point Print (Left), Woodland Stroll (Middle), and Above the Clouds (Right).

Discover every detail of the High Point, Woodland Stroll, and Above the Clouds prints and marvel at the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge, two hot air balloons soaring above the clouds, and a secret woodland path.


Children’s Characters

Superhero Mum and Superhero Dad Framed Prints from EZ Living Furniture. Superhero Dad (Left), Superhero Mum (Right) prints by original artist Esme Linton.

By now you will have found multiple pieces of art befitting almost every room in your home. But what about your little ones? They too, deserve to fully relax in their own personalised palace. Characters like those found in the Superhero Dad and Superhero Mum prints can help to develop a child’s imagination. Bring both bears into the room at night during storytime and unleash their adventurous natures. These prints celebrate the bond between bear and cub and will add a subtle hint of colour to any decor. 

And so, after looking at all the different wall art themes of 2021, you should be able to create a space in your home that’s perfect for you. Each print and canvas can be displayed on its own or grouped for an even bigger impact. Mix and match with opposing designs and colours to create your desired effect. For additional wall art not featured in this collection, please see the entire EZ Living wall art section here. 

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