Are You A Decor Minimalist?

Are You A Decor Minimalist?

We all add our own style when choosing what decor we decorate our homes with. But how many of you are true minimalist practitioners when it comes to interior design? Here are the tell-tale signs that you like things to be simple and clean:


1. You are a true believer that less is more

Not only do you believe less is more, but you live by the rule and don't stray under any circumstances. Shelves, tables, and desks will be kept to a minimal amount of clutter. You will look for the sleek emptiness apart from those things that you use regularly.



2. You have a favourite colour- white!

Minimalists tend to stick to neutral tones and colours especially in areas such as a bedroom or living space. Your white furniture will reflect a lot of natural light around your room to create a very relaxed and airy space for you to think and relax.



3. Cushions and throws scare you!

If you are put off by lots of throws and cushions on your furniture this is a very tell-tale sign that you are a minimalist. Minimalist furniture is sleek and follows the rule of Form that Fits Function. The furniture designs of Eileen Grey would be a perfect example of a minimalist's dream home.



4. You have a strict no lampshade policy 

You like your light & wall fixtures to be as simple as possible. You love to see open bulbs as opposed to decorative lamp shades. This combines a very minimalist lifestyle with that of the lighting which will flood your home.



Are you a minimalist? Comment and let us know how you keep your decor to a minimum.