5 Reasons To Invest In A Sofa Bed

5 Reasons To Invest In A Sofa Bed

5 Reasons To Invest In A Sofa Bed

Sofa beds have changed a lot in the last few years. Remember when they used to be bulky and uncomfortable items of furniture? And how a sofa bed was sometimes known as a futon but only the western versions? There were and still are so many name variations to this day and this can become quite confusing.

Do you also recall how most individuals would rather have slept on a wooden floor than subject themselves to a sofa bed’s sagging mattress and protruding springs? Still, our relatives would continue to roll out their flower-power upholstered piece from the 80s in the hopes of offering us an undisturbed night's sleep. Unfortunately for us, it never did. Sigh! But as always happens (luckily), things improve with time and this includes all items of furniture and sofa beds in particular.

Also known as sofa-sleepers, these sofas-cum-beds are now purpose-built to be much stronger, more comfortable, and most importantly stylish. These developments have allowed for greater versatility, meaning that they can be placed in a sitting room, living room, bedroom and even an office or guest room. Here, EZ Living Furniture has listed five reasons why a sofa bed is a good investment for your home. 

Space-saving features

Every sofa bed will have its ups and downs, but each one is guaranteed to provide you with fantastic space-saving abilities. Simply put, a separate sofa and bed will cover a lot more area in a room than a two-in-one sofa-sleeper. Fortunately for you, this means that additional space will now become available to you that can be put to better use. 

EZ TIP: Remember to allow enough clearance at the front and back of your futon to allow for the sofa to fully unfold into a bed.

EZ Living Furniture Nevada Sofa BedUpholstered in chic grey fabric, the Nevada Sofa Bed would complement any colour scheme and so is sure to fit seamlessly into your home.


A sofa sleeper is a practical addition to any home, but did you know that it can also save you money? After all, purchasing an independent bed frame and a couch for your guest bedroom or study can be a costly experience if you value quality. To easily avoid this expense - buy a sofa bed. A sofa bed is a single item that can fulfil two separate functions, which is always extremely convenient and beneficial for your wallet.

Comfortable seating

Sofa beds and futons are just as cosy as a standard couch, we promise! They are made to be enjoyable for sitting on for prolonged periods during the day, and also sleeping on at night. Similar to a mattress or regular sofa, most will also have foam-filled seats and back cushions. You can expect this foam to last for a long time when treated gently. For example, if a sofa bed is being jumped on by children, you can expect it to have a shorter lifespan.

Speaking with one of our in-store experts can help you to find the ideal sofa bed for you and your requirements.

EZ Living Furniture Pluto Sofa BedThe Pluto Sofa Bed from EZ Living Furniture creates a refined and stylish feel in any room.

Accommodate additional guests

Sofa by day, extra bed by night. If you enjoy having friends or family over to visit but can never allow them to stay over because of the lack of space in your home, fear not. A sofa bed can accommodate additional guests when space is at a premium. Not everyone has a spare bedroom these days, and that’s why having a relaxing living room couch that can quickly turn into a guest bed is of great value to everyone. 

EZ Living Furniture has a wide selection of styles to choose from that can sleep one or two additional guests comfortably. 


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At one time when shopping for furniture, you could only expect to find one sofa bed in one style and one colour. There were no alternative colours or features available, whereas now the sky is quite literally the limit! There is a large selection of fabrics and sizes available to choose from. And here at EZ Living Furniture, we have everything from single-seater armchairs that turn into a single bed to deep blue velvet plush 3 seater sofas that turn into extraordinarily comfortable double beds. We also stock sofa beds with chaises so you can really make a visual statement and have a nap whilst doing so.

Single or 1 Seater Sofa Beds

A single or 1 seater sofa sleeper sleeps one individual with ease. They can double as an armchair in a living room and as an accent or occasional chair in the main bedroom. A guest bedroom can also benefit from the addition of a single sofa bed which can effortlessly mimic an ordinary bedroom chair.

EZ Living Furniture Zara BedThe Zara Sofa Bed is an example of an armless, single futon that quickly folds out to create a bed.

Single or 2.5 Seater Sofa Beds

Sometimes a single sofa bed can feel a little restrictive for one fully grown adult which is why a 2.5 seater version should be considered. Offering the same flexibility as a 1 seater but with a little extra room and luxury, it is the ultimate choice for a bedroom, living room or guest bedroom.

EZ Living Furniture Ralph Bed

The Ralph Sofa Bed is a 2.5 seater sofa-sleeper that easily folds out to create a bed. Upholstered in an attractive blue fabric, it will lend a splash of striking colour to any interior.

Double or 3 Seater Sofa Beds

By investing in a 3 seater sofa-cum-bed you can cater to more than one individual. Whether it’s a couple that wishes to sleep together or a parent and their child that wants to stay together overnight, this bed will ensure a pleasant night's sleep for all. Most double sofa beds will offer a fold-down/drop-down feature.

EZ Living Furniture Seattle Sofa BedThe Seattle Sofa Bed is a 3 seater futon which drops down to accommodate two sleepers. Upholstered in mustard fabric, it is a functional and stylish piece of furniture for any home.

Chaise Sofa Beds

A chaise variety is another alternative to the 3 seater option above. It can also sleep two individuals with ease. But unlike the double above, a chaise sofa-sleeper will usually fold out and not dropdown. The reason behind this is so that the extendable piece will meet its already permanently extended piece that is used for supporting legs.

 EZ Living Furniture Vegas Chaise Sofa BedThe Vegas Sofa Bed is a double/3 seater sofa bed that has a permanently extended chair attached to one end of the sofa. During the day this can be used for leg support. 


In many cases the terms futon and sofa bed are interchangeable. However, a futon will most often refer to a type of sofa-cum-bed that does not have a hidden mattress underneath the frame. The mattress for a futon is the cushioning that is sat on during the day. Similar to all the variations mentioned above, they are available in multiple sizes and fabrics, and most will have a pull-out or drop-down feature.


Now, here is where things used to get confusing, but not any more thanks to us! A daybed will typically feature permanent backs and sides. They are most often found in bedrooms rather than a sitting room or living room because of their close resemblance to an ordinary bed. A trundle is a piece that can be added under a daybed that will easily slide out when needed and transform it from a day bed to a night bed. 

Keep in mind that a trundle will lay on the floor underneath the daybed and can often be raised to the same height as the daybed.

Eva Day Bed from EZ Living FurnitureThe Eva Daybed can be purchased with a Trundle or without.

To know whether you can fit a single, double or chaise sofa bed into your desired room, try our AR app. With a variety of styles, colours and fabrics to choose from you can shop in-store or online and you can also view your favourite EZ Living sofa bed from the comfort of your own home, IN your own home with the help of our AR Furniture App.

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