Wall Art For Your Child’s Bedroom

Wall Art For Your Child’s Bedroom

Wall Art For Your Child’s Bedroom

A bedroom is a very important room in any growing child’s life. It’s where they spend most of their time playing, learning, reading, and of course, sleeping. Like any parent, you’ll want to ensure that your new arrival or older child is always comfortable in their own space. You can do this by adding basic items of furniture such as a bed frame, mattress, wardrobe, toy box etc. But there is also an opportunity to make this area a fun and exciting place for them too. If you’re decorating a child’s bedroom for the first time or even re-decorating because they have outgrown their original decor, try including some wall art. A print or canvas hung to the wall can completely transform a dull-looking room into a personalised palace for your little one. Take a look at these EZ Living Furniture wall art ideas and let your imagination run wild. 


Every child will have his or her favourite things. Some may like cartoon characters in the form of animals, while others may be completely obsessed with astronauts and space. It’s important to pay tribute to your child’s likes with their wall art as this will allow their little personalities to shine bright and also help them drift off into the land of nod. An easy way to encourage your child’s sleep is through story-telling, and what better way to send them off to sleep than by creating your own stories from the characters pinned to the walls. Bring them to life and let them become an important element in your child’s life….besides you of course. 

A selection of Safari Children's wall art from EZ Living FurnitureCreate an imaginary jungle in your child’s playroom or bedroom with the help of the wild animals found in the Safari Wall Art Collection.


Let wall art take your children on a magical journey across the globe. With fun and educational maps, you have the opportunity to teach your child about the wonders of the world. Hang earth or the entire solar system from your little person’s walls and create a sense of wonder and curiosity in the room. They may also like to pinpoint and hear about places they themselves have visited or countries where family and friends live.

Animal Map Wall Art from EZ Living FurnitureExplore countries and their national animals on the Animal Map Picture. This will help to encourage an interest and appreciation for both geography and the natural world. 


Get creative with what you display. Show off your child’s talents by featuring their own homemade art on the walls. This will add a pop of colour and texture to the overall look of the room. By purchasing art supplies such as paper, card, paint, glitter, and feathers, they can create a unique and colourful painting that is personal to them and you. Preserve this creation by hanging it from a frame in the bedroom, playroom, or any room that you feel happy to proudly present your youngster’s abilities. 

A selection of EZ Living Furniture FramesExhibit your child’s latest creation in a frame. Available in a large selection of sizes and colours, you are sure to find something that will enhance their room’s colour scheme.


Additional Accessories

Rabbit Rug from EZ Living Furniture.

Another simple way to enhance a child’s room is by incorporating alternative home accessories. Think character-filled rugs, lampshades, or bed linen. The possibilities are endless, and they too can add a touch of personality to your little one’s bedrooms.

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