Sweet Dreams @ EZ Living Furniture!

Sweet Dreams @ EZ Living Furniture!

Love Your Bedroom?

A good night’s sleep is essential to your well-being. Therefore, the mattress you choose now could impact many aspects of your life for several years. Your mattress is a major life investment and sometimes people forget the real importance and the knock-on effect it will have over your nights' sleep.

In this chaotic, contemporary world we live in, sometimes sleep takes a back seat and isn’t a priority for many. But as we do spend quite a lot of time on average asleep, at least ⅓ of our lives in fact, why not create the perfect environment for you to get that all-important sleep.


Factors to consider when choosing a mattress?

  • Mattress life

  • Mattress type

  • Mattress budget

  • Mattress firmness

  • Sleeping positions

  • Bodyweight


EZ Living Furniture is focusing on the different types of mattresses available and some helpful tips on buying the perfect mattress to suit you.



Find your perfect Mattress

If you are thinking about switching up your mattress and want to know the pros and cons of the different types, sizes, various fillings, back support, spring systems, comfort ratings and styles available, this is a useful buying guide to follow. It really is important to understand these differences between mattress types in order to find the most suitable mattress for you.


Light or restless sleeper?

Front, back or side sleeper?

Back pain or just too hot at night?






Memory foam mattress?

Memory foam- also known as viscoelastic foam- is a high-density foam that softens in response to heat and pressure, which cushions the sleeper’s body producing a weightless feel and moulds itself to the body to help you relax and gives all-over support. Some memory foam mattresses have additional support layers of varying densities and special features like cooling gels are designed to combat the material’s natural tendency to trap body heat.




Reduces pressure points                      

Relieves pain                                              

Absorbs movement



Can sleep warmer than traditional upholstery foams

Sinking feeling, some sleepers’ require support

Recommended from EZ Living Furniture;

  • Sleep Easy Collection

  • Oisin Collection



Latex Mattress?

The latex mattress is a natural form of memory foam and often a preferred option. This is a highly breathable material making latex a great choice if you tend to overheat. The material is highly durable, retains its shape and is ideal if you have asthma or suffer from allergies.



Comfortable & highly durable

Naturally derived



Independent movement

Ideal for those with allergies (hypoallergenic)




 Maybe too firm for some sleepers

  More motion transfer between partners


Recommended from EZ Living Furniture;

  • Luxury 3200 Collection.

  • Anniversary Latex Collection.




Continuous Coil and Open Coil Mattresses?

Coiled mattresses are a cost-effective type of mattress in the short-term and feature a single piece of metal which is coiled into a continuous series of springs throughout the mattress. Certain coiled spring mattresses can move independently of each other and are responsive to pressure points increasing weight distribution. Open coil mattresses are best suited in a guest or child's’ room as they aren’t as durable as other types of mattresses.



Light and easy to turn over 

Wide variety


Many features


A shorter lifespan

Recommended from EZ Living Furniture;

  • Emily’s Dream Collection.

  • Saol Fada Collection.


Combination Mattresses?

Looking for the best of both worlds? Combination mattresses feature both pocket springs and memory foam, gel or latex top to relieve pressure. You gain the support and independent movement of pocket springs together with the added comfort provided by the pressure-relieving material. The downside is that these mattresses can be expensive but it is doubtful that you will ever regret your investment.



Highly comfortable

Relieves pain

Independent movement



Too soft for some sleepers


But if you really can’t make the decision, call into any EZ Living Furniture store nationwide to speak face-to-face with our sleep specialists who are always happy to share advice.



Don’t lose sleep over choosing the right mattress!