Soft, Medium or Firm mattress, what is the difference?

Soft, Medium or Firm mattress, what is the difference?

The EZ Mattress Buying Guide

A mattress is one of the most important pieces of furniture in our homes. It’s essential for a restful, comfortable sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed and energised in the morning, as well as being equally important for back health. Therefore, the mattress you choose is a major life investment and could impact many aspects of your life for several years. Read our EZ guide to help find the perfect mattress for your home and ensure a great night’s sleep:


Which mattress type is the best?

Your choice of mattress construction deserves plenty of time and consideration, after all, we spend at least ⅓ of our lives asleep. There is a wide range of mattress types to choose from – all with their own unique selling points but you need to consider the tension of your bed mattress – whether that's firm, medium or soft. Experts no longer subscribe to the theory that a firm mattress is better for you, so go with what feels comfortable.


Pocket sprung mattress

Pocket-sprung mattresses are constructed from hundreds of springs, which are fitted individually into their own pockets. These springs work independently of each other and adjust effectively to the contours of the body. Since each spring is separated from the one next to it, the springs tend to last longer (than traditional innerspring mattresses), and it also means that partner disturbance is almost completely eliminated. Pocket-sprung mattresses are made from high-quality materials and can be purchased in different tensions to offer an appropriate level of support.


Memory Foam Mattress

Memory-foam mattresses have no springs. They feel quite different from sprung mattresses and are made up of several different layers of foam which mould to the contours of the body to give a supportive night's sleep. This mattress is often seen as a good compromise between the comfort of a soft mattress and the support of a firm one which is great for taking pressure off your joints and relieving back pain.


Mattress Tension: medium-firm but can vary.



Open Coil Mattress

Open-coil mattresses, also known as 'open-spring' mattresses, contain one long piece of wire coiled into springs. This traditional construction method allows them to be mass-produced and gives you the benefit of a low price. They are also one of the lighter options on the market, so are easy to lift and turn if necessary. The mattress would be ideal for budget-conscious adults or guest/children’s bedroom.


Mattress Tension: soft-medium.