Picturing Your Interior Design Style

Picturing Your Interior Design Style


You may have noticed if you've been keeping an eye on our Facebook and Instagram, that we've been recently uploading mood boards to help our viewers figure out what colours and patterns complement each other. It can be difficult to know when to start when picturing the interior of your future. However today we are reflecting back on our mood boards and looking at some interior design tips that might point you in the right direction!


The Pastel Paradise

Including pink in your home may seem like a bit of a gamble but in fact, there has been a recent rise in interior design trends which use this colour effectively. Combing blush pink with smokey grey makes an immediate impression and creates a neatly realised living space. Added accessories with hints of the rose/ash infusion add eye-catching details around the room which fill up those blank spaces.

EZ Living Style Tip: "Don't forget to layer up tones of pink along with basswood, rose gold and copper accessories to add depth to your living space"


The Lemon Life

If you always look on the bright side of life you want your interior style to reflect this. Bright colours can be difficult to unify together however a combination of cobalt blue and mustard never fails to be a pleasing aesthetic.

If your sofa suite is one solid colour why not add some different coloured cushions to mix it up. When working with solid blocks of bright colours there's the perfect opportunity to add some geometric patterns such as on a rug or lampshades.

EZ Living Style Tip: "Spring into summer with a blue and yellow combination which will have you reminiscing all year round about your time spent at the beach!"


The Violet Vision

The rich addition to the prevailing popularity of Scandi-style is purple's powerful comeback within home interiors. Rich and elegant, purple comes in a wide variety of interesting sub-colours such as violet, orchid, and amethyst. Combing the playful plum purple with charcoal grey this can turn the mundane into a dramatic statement.

EZ Living Style Tip: "Curtains, cushions, lampshades and carpets are a cheap and quick way to add blocks of colour to a dull home interior."


The Green Goddess

Naturalistic with an environmental aesthetic, by adding some dark green to your home interior you can create a more airy look. With technology taking over our homes these days, sometimes you need a breakaway to a room that feels a little closer to nature. It's all in the details, so you want to ensure you fill your available surfaces with plenty of plants and flowers to finish off the Irish countryside look.

EZ Living Style Tip: "Natural oak furniture mixes well with green interiors to create that woodland aesthetic."