How To Style Your Home Office Space In 7 Easy Steps With Aideen Kate

How To Style Your Home Office Space In 7 Easy Steps With Aideen Kate

How to Style Your Home Office Space in 7 Easy Steps with Aideen Kate

Aideen Kate Murphy, most recognisably known as ‘Aideen Kate’ is the master of makeup. Originally from Dublin, Aideen began her career in cosmetics with Inglot and has since gained a huge following worldwide. In her journey to makeup perfection, she studied beauty therapy in college and began her freelance career simultaneously, something we can’t help but admire.

Sometimes spending hours creating just the right look, Aideen can transform her face into many different designs and characters. From devilish devils to Princess Belle, her talents know no bounds. Her day makeup is just as impressive, with her easy-to-follow tutorials on YouTube it’s never been easier to practice our glamour skills. We can also gain insight into the beauty expert’s life on YouTube, with funny holiday stories, Irish Christmas dinners and of course her infamous clothing and beauty hauls (discussing purchased clothing and beauty). These are not to be missed!

With most of us working from home due to Covid-19 and Aideen no exception to that, the glamour queen decided to use her time more productively than most and design a multi-use room in her home which will help with her upcoming projects. “I wanted to create this room as I have been working out of my bedroom and felt it was finally time to have my own space to work from”.

Having a separate makeup room to a bedroom is a pipe dream for most, but Aideen is turning that pipe dream into her reality and transforming an empty space in her home into her very own personal makeup room. Not only this, but the room will be multi-use and divided into separate areas which are required for her work. One half will feature an office and makeup area, while the other half will be used for filming for YouTube (A studio if you will).

Aideen Kate sat down with us, EZ Living Furniture and ‘spilled the tea’ on the key items that are needed to create the correct atmosphere in your ideal workspace.

White Walls

Beginning her interior design journey with blank white walls, Aideen then incorporated colour into her workroom with her accessories. Adding a splash of colour through smaller accessories can be a much easier way to include pops of colour into your area. A mistake often made is painting loud colours onto interior walls, because this can make your room feel smaller overall. “My boyfriend, dad and I all painted it together, so it was a group effort”.

 EZ Living Furniture Ottowa Footstool and Sabrina Rug, Photoframes on walls and mirror


Throwing caution to the wind, Aideen began her decorating with no solid plan “As the room progressed it was easier to figure out what was going to work for the space I have, I didn’t start decorating until it was ready to move into”. For inspiration, she uses Pinterest "It’s my fave app for ideas when decorating.”

Office Desk and Chair

An important piece of any room is the use of appropriate furniture and lighting. Aideen has prioritised comfort in her space and with her office desk chair. This chair will be used to edit her YouTube videos which can sometimes take many hours to complete (Goodbye back pain).

An office desk is another crucial item for anyone working from home and especially our beauty professional, who will in no doubt utilise this desk to its utmost. It must also be pointed out that an office desk can double as a functioning dressing table for any of you who may need to beautify themselves after lockdown.


Bad lighting can affect our productivity and mood in an office area, it can also cause us to lose our focus. Aideen chose mostly studio lighting in her room for her video shoots. Not satisfied with only harsh studio lighting, our makeup icon also picked the EZ Living Furniture Leanne Floor Lamp to add a warmer hue to her space. “The lighting I have is mainly studio lighting, but I have the option of a warmer ambience thanks to the lamp”.

EZ Living Furniture Optimal Mirror

Black Mirrors and Photo Frames

The makeup goddess has used photo frames and a full-length mirror to sprinkle hints of black colouring throughout her office space. This statement piece mirror which she spray painted black gives the illusion of a larger room, while also adding lots of personality and fun with her prints. Aideen chose The EZ Living Furniture Optimal Mirror with a bronze frame, its compact nature will ensure that she can apply her makeup in style at home or on the go. “I had to have a mirror, it’s so perfect, as it fits comfortably on my desk, so it is great for checking my makeup is looking good as I’m putting it on”.

Pink Rug and Footstool

For a touch of elegance, Aideen has included fabrics such as velvet in her room, as well as a rug with a printed Persian design. The EZ Living Furniture Ottowa Footstool in pink velvet will play an essential role in creating a striking room. “The stool is a really nice accessory for the room”. For a bold yet subtle statement, the EZ Living Sabrina Rug also in pink, adds another level of cosy to Aideen’s workplace.

 EZ Living Furniture Ottowa Footstool and Leanne Floor lamp

Green Plants

It’s always important to include some foliage in your office area, it can bring life to a once lifeless room. The use of indoor, green plants also inserts an additional hint of colour to the room as well as a finishing touch that every office space should embrace.

Working from home is never easy, but it is easy to create a productive atmosphere in your home office by following Aideen’s simple steps above. It may be time to admit to yourself that your kitchen table is not the best place to complete your daily tasks. Taking that into consideration, I’m off to buy some makeup….I mean office furniture.

Aideen Kate’s Instagram makeup looks on Instagram can be found here along with her YouTube Channel here.

Photographs courtesy of Aideen Kate Murphy.