How To Make Your Home Cosy This Autumn

How To Make Your Home Cosy This Autumn

How To Make Your Home Cosy This Autumn 

Decorating for autumn is all about adding warmth and personality to your space. There is nothing better than returning home after a long, hard day to find that there is a cosy knitted throw with your name on it. Similarly, lighting an autumnal scented candle can evoke feelings of cosiness that you never knew were possible. After all, the evenings are beginning to feel cooler and the need to represent the changing seasons with our living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms is becoming even more important. There are many ways to create a snug atmosphere within a home and better still, they don’t have to break the bank. 

White LED Candles from EZ Living on dining table.


Candles are a home accessory that no home should be without, especially in the lead up to winter. A candle can create a calming effect within a home and allow us to fully relax in its presence. A scented wax candle can be used to transform an atmosphere through scent. We suggest choosing a sweeter aroma for autumn, such as pumpkin. This will accurately represent the current season. For Christmas try a spicier alternative like apple and cinnamon. 

If you are someone who has difficulty remembering to extinguish a candle, then maybe an LED candle is the best option for you. An LED candle can still add an extra bit of light to a room and imitate the flickering that a real, wax candle will display. Furthermore, when accompanied by a remote, it can mean that you easily switch it off with the click of a button.

ghost in black round Arta Mirror from EZ Living Furniture.Halloween is a big event in autumn and one that cannot and should not be ignored. If you love everything spooky and want to represent this in your home decor, may we suggest tapered candles and candle holders?


Throws are relatively inexpensive home accessories. When we begin to think about the impending colder nights we are likely to imagine ourselves sitting next to a roaring fire, hot chocolate in hand while snuggled up next to our partners or pets. And what immediately completes this look is, of course, a comfy throw. Knitted, plaid, faux fur, almost anything goes this season. However, colour can be a little more difficult to decide on. Burnt oranges, although traditional, can feel a bit like “been there, done that”. If you truly want to impress your friends and family this year, we suggest using the on-trend colours of autumn 2021. Variations of orange are still ok to use like rust, but marine greens, dusty/pale pinks, brilliant yellows and powder blues are really what you should be focusing on this season.

Bellini Navy Sofa with yellow and white throws on top from EZ Living Furniture.Why not ‘throw’ caution to the wind and update your bed or sofa with an autumnal inspired throw?

Moody-Coloured Cushions

Swap out cushions in the living room with a moody-coloured alternative. Think marine greens paired with dulling creams. Scatter them on your sofa and armchair to add an extra little bit of spice to your living room. Patterns are a welcome addition and warming velvets should be included at all costs. Remember too, that style and colouring are important but so too is the comfort of the cushions. Some research is all that is required to ensure that you are seated in great comfort. Failing that, a good old-fashioned cushion squeeze should put your mind at ease.

Green/Yellow velvet cushion on brown leather Grayson bench from EZ Living Furniture.Compliment these home furnishings with leaf garlands and festive garlands to fully and artistically complete the entire look.


There is nothing worse than stepping on a cold, tiled or wooden floor with bare feet. The cold will quite literally carry itself all the way up to the top of your body. Once that cold has affected the best part of you, it’s very hard to eliminate it again. This is why it is worth investing in a rug or multiple rugs especially as we face the colder months. A rug can be the protection from a cold floor that you never knew you needed. It can set the tone in a room and warm your feet simultaneously. Plain rugs can lend themselves to any room within a home, while rugs with geometric prints could add a splash of much-needed colour to an otherwise dull and boring floor.

Large Aztec Rug from EZ Living Furniture with A rug can is an inexpensive way to add warmth to any room in a home.

Warm-toned wall art

The biggest impact can often lie in the smallest finishing touches. Prints and framed canvases can be hung from practically anywhere and are an excellent way to add a pop of colour to a drab-looking wall. Warm pinks, browns, and golds should be prioritised this season and will allow you to cosy up your kitchen, living room, or even bathroom with minimal effort. 

Dining set with pumpkin decoration from EZ Living Furniture.Choose an abstract design to lend an extra layer of interest to a space. 

Dried flowers

Use a vase to bring the outdoor elements into your home. Dried flowers such as pampas grass can create the illusion of sophistication and elegance. When dyed, they can last anywhere from 1-3 years which will give you ample opportunity to re-purpose them when required. You will be able to create a long-lasting arrangement and bouquet that will last all season long. Autumn especially encompasses the outdoors more than any other season and it’s important to represent that in your home decor.

Dried flowers in gold vase on mantel.Display your dried flowers in a sophisticated gold vase or a vase with an uneven finish. This will add texture to a room.

Smaller ornaments

Autumn wouldn’t be complete without some ornamental pumpkins prominently displayed in your living space. Smaller accessories and tiny faux pumpkins in particular have a tendency to look messy when not grouped together. One simple way to avoid this unorganised look is to group them together in a bowl or on a tray. A selection of orange, white, and brown coated gourds can embellish a tired-looking coffee table in the living room and add a rustic appeal to your dining table in your dining room.

Bowl of gourds with led candles and Mariela vase from EZ Living Furniture.Autumn is referred to as “fall” in America because it’s around this time of year that the leaves begin to fall off the trees.

We hope these seasonal decor ideas will help you to get inspired and motivate you to decorate your home in line with autumn. Remember that Christmas is only a few short weeks away so don’t forget to check out our Christmas Decorating Tips blog to help prepare you for next season.