Guide To Buying The Right Sofa For You

Guide To Buying The Right Sofa For You


Buying a sofa is usually not a decision that is made on a whim. Purchasing something of that size has to be carefully thought through. If you are buying a brand new sofa as a quick replacement, you’ll soon end up demoting it to a less used room or giving it away as soon as an opportunity arises to buy a better sofa! So, here at EZ Living, we’re going to show you how to easily decide on the perfect sofa for you, that will be a part of your home for many years to come.


Leather or Fabric?

The timeless question of which sofa to choose, fabric or leather? There are pros to both, so often it is really a matter of deciding which is best for you.


Fabric is often the easiest to match with your decor. For example, if you are moving into a new home all your decor will probably be brand new too. But, if you are upgrading your sofa and already have your home decor set up, it is often much easier to find a fabric sofa to match the style and colour of your living room. Choose from contemporary, cosy creams to lively greens in our huge range of fabric sofas online and in-store.


Sometimes, nothing beats the luxury feel of a leather sofa! It can add a classic and elegant feel to a living room. We also suggest you consider buying leather or easy-clean fabric sofa if you are a pet owner or have kids as they can be a lot easier to clean and keep tidy.


Will it fit in your living room?

From armchairs, 2 seaters, corner sofas, pillow back, high back and sofa beds, we have them all. All you have to do is choose which one you need. Choosing a sofa relative to the size of the room improves the flow of the actual room, as well as looking the part. For example, a large sofa in a smaller sitting room can actually make the room look much smaller than it really is. Finding the perfect sofa to fit your room is easy, we have all our dimensions of our sofas conveniently listed in the features on our website.


We strongly recommend grabbing a measuring tape and finding out the length and width of your living room before purchasing your sofa. Another handy tip is to layout newspapers in the space where you would like your new sofa to be! This will give you a good idea of how much space your new sofa will take up in the room and how much room you will have around it.



What’s Your Style?

Of course, the final decision is always your own. Make sure that you take into account your own personal style! You’ll want to buy a sofa that not only looks good and fits into your living room, but you will want to make sure that it is something you will be happy to have in your home for years to come! 


It's always important to feel right in your home and be sure to look at your existing furniture style in your home. Look at the colours used along with what might "pop" in your living room! Never be afraid to get a second opinion if you're unsure of what style might have your interior looking as good as ever! 



If you can, we definitely recommend testing out the sofa you have in mind in one of our stores first. We have stores across Ireland, find directions to your local EZ Living Furniture on our website here.