7  Ways to Use a Console Table

7  Ways to Use a Console Table

7  Ways to Use a Console Table

Did anyone ever tell you about the importance of a Console Table? Here at EZ Living Furniture, we consider the Console table as an essential element of any home. This simple piece of furniture can serve many purposes. Firstly they come in endless styles, shapes and sizes. They can be styled in almost any room in the house. Not only do they look great, but they also provide a centre stage for your favourite accessories while adding extra storage space, what’s not to love?

Still, confused on how to use one? Here, EZ Living Furniture has done all the hard work for you. We have listed 7 ways to use a console table.

What to consider before you purchase?

Decide on its function

Determine the purpose of your Console table. Will it be the finishing touch to your living room or an extra piece of storage?

Check your measurements

Console tables are traditionally slim and typically 30 inches in height. They were made to fit into small spaces. You can choose from a range of large or small ones. EZ TIP: Use newspaper to mark out the area where you plan to place it. Alternatively, you can download our free Augmented Reality App, allowing you to place furniture virtually in your home before you buy it.

What design suits the room best?

Console tables are available in different styles to suit all interior tastes. You will find everything from a modern console to a traditional one. Decide on which one suits your current interior decor.

1. A Hallway Table 

When you think of hallway furniture a console table is the first piece that springs to mind. A hallway table is a staple in most homes, it is a visitor’s first glimpse at your interior style. You can transform the look of your entryway in an instant. If your hallway is on the smaller side there is a huge range of narrow console tables to fit perfectly in your space. Add your favourite statement pieces from ceramic vases to family photos, creating a pleasant atmosphere the minute you enter your home. The extra surface space will also provide storage for random items like keys and scarves. 

2.The Dining Room

If your dining room feels bare, a console table will solve it in an instant. It provides a stunning design element to tie your dining room together. Use it as a place to store your dinnerware for everyday use or as a buffet station for dinner parties. A statement mirror will add that extra touch and open out your space. Console tables like the Georgia are designed with drawers and a shelf to provide extra storage.


3. Sofa Table

Fill up negative space in your living room by placing your console table behind the sofa. It will create a nice focal point once you add your statement pieces. A gorgeous lamp behind your sofa will bring in soft lighting for relaxing in the evenings. Alternatively, it can be utilised as an extra surface to place anything from drinks to the tv remote. 


4. Bar Cart

Did someone say bar cart? Yes, that’s right we said bar cart. Console tables are narrow so they are a perfect size to use as a bar cart. If you love entertaining, a bar cart is an essential piece to feature in your home. What better place to display your fancy cocktails and favourite glassware. A modern console table like the Glam will wow your guests when they arrive. 

 5. A Desk

Don’t worry if you don’t have floor space for a desk. A small console table can be placed anywhere and will allow you to create a dedicated home office space. It can be set up under the stairs or in an unused corner if you are stuck for space. If your console doesn’t have a lot of surface space, you can add storage baskets and a floor lamp.


 6. A Vanity Table

Always dreamt of having a vanity but want something less bulky? Opt for a console table instead. An open leg console table will enable you to place a bedroom chair or footstool underneath. If you want more storage choose one with drawers to store your favourite beauty products.

7. A Mantel Piece

Living in an apartment or small space? Make your space cosy with the help of a console table. You may be missing a fireplace or mantel but there is a solution. A rustic console table like the Avignon will help create a focal point in your living room. Decorate with candles and lighting to make it more inviting.


Who knew the console table had so many uses? You will never ask about the purpose of a console table ever again. Check out our full range of console tables here.