How to Personalise your Home Interior

How to Personalise your Home Interior


“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour”
– Charles Dickens

Your personality should always shine through (especially in your home interior). Wouldn’t you rather live in a home which is made and decorated with you in mind? It can be difficult to add that special touch of character to a newly furbished or rented house. However, EZ Living Furniture have a few tips and tricks to make sure your home has your name is written all over it (Only metaphorically speaking!) Whether you’re neat or messy, busy or relaxed, stylish or dowdy there’s a special way to decorate your home that’s right for you.

You don’t have to be creative-savvy to fill your home with homemade items and display those beloved treasures that you’ve collected over the years. However, we have a few tips which may help when deciding both what to display and also where to exhibit it.


How to Display your Treasured Nic-Nacs

Over the years you can easily collect lots of personal treasures such as concert tickets, travel souvenirs, antiques, homemade art and family heirlooms. Instead of having these kept stored away in boxes, why not display these in a room of your choice. Purchasing some small shelves would be the perfect place to display this beloved nic-nacs.

EZ Living Style Tips: “Our range of India bookcases are the perfect option to have your living space with the airy of personality and character while not compromising on style! (Found in the Photo Below)”


Fill your Home with Memories

The easiest way to make a home personal is to display photos of memorable moments to give you that nostalgic kick. Photo frames are the simplest option when looking to display these snapshots from the past. However, with some creative thinking, you can put together something that’s a little different from the rest.

EZ Living Style Tips: “Matching photo frames and some text can go a long way to personalize your empty walls. Display a personal quote to bring about that sense of character.”



The Scent of your Home

Something that can be a real pain when moving into a new home is trying to get rid of the smell of the previous tenants. After cleaning with harsh chemicals your home can sometimes be smelling a bit like a hospital. However, be sure to invest in some candles and diffusers to have your home smelling how you want it.

EZ Living Style Tips: “Find some new some scented products for your home. Why not use a familiar brand and it’ll start to smell just like your home.”


Add some Colourful Artwork

Art pieces are a great way to put your stamp on a property without committing to doing any more than putting up some hooks. Bring your existing art or have a trawl of our website for artwork that might interest your tastes.

EZ Living Style Tips: “Choosing artwork for your home can sometimes be a little difficult however we have the perfect guide for choosing artwork for your home.”




By now you should have a good idea of how to add those personal touches to your home! We hope that this blog post was helpful and if you have any feedback or ideas of your own be sure to comment below! Take it EZ!