Set of 4 Xmas Ornament


Light-Up X-M-A-S Figurine Set

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A delightful Christmas display for any home, this set of four ornaments is ideal for a mantelpiece, windowsill, or sideboard. Or use them to add a touch of festive spirit to your office or small business, they’d look charming on a reception desk or counter at a cafe.

These little figurines are especially merry with their inbuilt LED lights, letting them shine like a real Christmas star, adults and children alike will be enchanted by the glow and the sweet smiling faces on the characters holding up the letters. With X we’ve got a cheerful snowman in a glittery woolly jumper, M is being held up by a reindeer, his smile and antlers peeking out from behind, Father Christmas is looking after A, giving all the boys and girls a big wave, and finally Mrs Claus has got hold of S, and in her other hand she’s hugging a little silver heart to remind us all that the holidays are all about love.


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Set of 4 Xmas Ornament






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