Red Ceramic Lantern - Arun


Red Ceramic Lantern

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A stylish piece with a Moroccan feel, the Arun red lantern enables you to enjoy a wonderful ambiance after dark.

There’s nothing which compares to the special atmosphere created by the flickering flame of a candle. This fine ceramic lantern is an attractive decorative piece by day but will be transformed when you light your candle at night. High portable, it can be moved around your home or patio with ease and suspended to produce an even more dramatic look. The fabulous ceramic lanterns in our range can be combined to great effect with each delivering visual impact while protecting your candles from draughts to ensure even burns. Reflecting the bold colours and intricate designs of North African art, the Arun lantern would complement both traditional and contemporary décor.

Our home accessories range features a raft of inspired ideas for your home which lend colour, interest and originality to every space. Our lanterns are no exception and will inspire you to design imaginative displays both by day and after dark.

Transforming your home with light and colour, the Arun red lantern could be the beginning of something special!


Features & Dimensions

A dimension image of the Arun red ceramic lantern 13cm (Height) x 10.5cm (Width)




Candle Accessories

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