Why Choose a Faux Suede Sofa?

Why Choose a Faux Suede Sofa?


Many of us out there are under the assumption that when it comes to having a family and/or pets that a leather sofa is a way to go. Yes, leather is easy to keep clean, however, the practicality of it is not always what you want. For the vast majority of us, when we think of a sofa, we think of comfort. Some of us just are not fans of leather sofas whether it’s the look, the feel or the general style.


So what if we told you, you could have the best of both worlds? A sofa that is easy to clean and is comfortable. A sofa that is soft, comforting and inviting to curl up on at the end of a long day. Well, here at EZ Living Furniture we want you to say hello to faux suede, a microfibre material that is just as easy to keep clean and more durable than you think! Read on where we tell you the benefits of buying a sofa in this material and the ranges we have that use it.


What is Faux Suede?

Faux suede is a synthetic microfibre material that includes tiny polyester fibres woven to make a tight fabric. This results in a soft suede-like or velvety material that gives the sofa, a smooth, sleek look.

Why Choose a Faux Suede Sofa?

Buying a sofa that is right for you and your family’s needs can be a challenge. There are many factors to consider; size, shape, colour, fixed or reclining, etc… Read on where we list some of the benefits of choosing a faux suede fabric sofa.


Withstands Stains

 One major factor that most families consider when buying a sofa is how it will work with children who like to colour outside the lines, or pets who like to share the mud they have rolled in outside, with those indoors. For those of you who have plenty of experience of this, then you know more than anyone the struggles of trying to keep a sofa free from stains.

 While you may think that leather is the best option for keeping that sofa clean, don’t dismiss faux suede and it's microfibre wonders! Microfibre is liquid repellent, so spills are no longer a cause for concern. However, if you notice any dirty spots or potential stains, it’s always worth giving them a quick wipe. This is the benefit of microfibre though, just as with leather, a quick wipe down saves the sofa in the long run. 



Withstands Dust

Bang and the dust are gone! Well, in this case, the dust never gets a chance to settle down on your faux suede sofa. The microfibres in this type of fabric sofa help to prevent the accumulation of dust. Any dust that does remain, can easily be eliminated with a quick run of the hoover! Thanks to the dust-resistant ability of this type of material, a microfibre, a faux suede sofa is a great choice for those who suffer from dust allergies.


Withstands Wear & Tear

As we have mentioned throughout this post, faux suede is a microfibre material, and due to this, this densely woven fabric is not as prone to tears and rips as much as other fabric sofas. Thanks to the wonders of this fabric, it also wears well under normal day to day sofa usage. No material or sofa will last forever, but the durability of this fabric type means that it will be years before there is any noticeable wear and tear on your faux suede sofa. So for now, just sit back and enjoy the comfort and benefits of your faux suede sofa.


Now that you have become more informed on the benefits of owning a faux suede sofa, why not have a look at some of our sofa ranges in this material by clicking here