What's Cooking - Dinnerware To Add Some Spice

What's Cooking - Dinnerware To Add Some Spice

Selecting a dinnerware collection is a difficult task with lots of thought and planning to put in. YEAH RIGHT! Picking dinnerware definitely isn't rocket science and all you need is to do is pick a style that's to your liking. One thing to be looking out for is to ensure that the dinnerware you purchase is microwavable and dishwasher proof so that you aren't left broken dishes and possibly broken appliances. Don't worry though, all the dinnerware purchased at EZ Living Furniture have been tested and are both microwaveable and dishwasher friendly.

Today, we thought we would introduce you to a selection of colourful and fashionable dinnerware that may peak your fancy if you're looking to update the plain old white porcelain.



Taupe Tones and Earthy Umber

Warm tones and calming colours can make a person feel a lot more relaxed. If what you're looking for in your dinnerware are some natural hues perhaps look at more earthy tones such as beige and taupe. These would compliment a dark oak table and would bring about a woodland mood to a dining room.

EZ Living Style Tips: "Evoke the serenity of nature with natural colours in the Sierra Dinnerware Set.


Taupe Dinnerware Set - Sierra - Click Here


Cobalt Blue and Nifty Navy

Adding some nautical tones into your dinnerware could be another aesthetic choice that might pop in your home. Dinnerware in navy and blue could have you reminiscing about your times spend in cafes by the sea. OK Maybe Not! But if something deep and rich is your style then maybe dinner plates in this colour will be to your liking.

EZ Living Style Tips: "Committing to a theme with dinnerware can be the easiest way to have a pleasing aesthetic all-round. Our Kali Dinnerware collection has a matching navy design to ensure a cohesive set in all of your dinnerware." 


Kali Dinnerware Collection - Click Here


Tiger Orange and Lemon Yellow

We eat with our eyes, so some say that the more beautiful the tableware the tastier it is to enjoy our food. I'm not sure if this actually true but sometimes the way food is served can have an impact on how much we enjoy our dining experience. The food itself can be very brightly coloured such as different types of fruit and vegetables so it's no wonder that you might want to style your dinnerware to be the same.

EZ Living Style Tips: "Geometric patterns mixed with bright colours can be the perfect style choice to replace old boring plain dinnerware. Our range of Kali plates, cups and bowls come in a wide variety of patterns and colours to have you enjoying your feast to the fullest!" 


Kali Dinnerware Collection - Click Here


This was our weekly blog post for our Dinnerware week here at EZ Living Furniture. Be sure to check out our selection of dinnerware here. Now all you have to worry about is the washing up!