TV Units - How To Choose The One For You And Your Home

TV Units - How To Choose The One For You And Your Home

TV Units: How To Choose The One For You

There is no better feeling than snuggling up on a sofa after a long hard day at work and flicking on your favourite TV show. To make sure that you have the ultimate TV viewing experience in your living room, bedroom or conservatory you should not only have the right TV but also the perfect TV unit to sit it on. But before rushing out to your nearest furniture store and making a quick and irrational purchase that will ultimately leave you with an ill-fitting TV cabinet, you must first take a step back and think.

When choosing a TV stand or unit for your home there are three important things to consider. First, is the size of your TV and the room you wish to place it in, second is your storage requirements, and third is the theme and décor of your space. In this blog, EZ Living Furniture will be focusing on all of the above to help you pick the right support for your TV in its hour of need. So, if you can’t “stand” your current TV cabinet or are buying one for the first time then keep reading for some essential tips.

EZ Living Latina dark brown tv unitThe Latina TV Unit partners stylish design with practical features.


The size of the TV you possess will play a huge role in deciding which floor-standing TV stand you can buy. If your telly is too big for the accompanying TV unit then the TV itself will not be fully supported and can easily be knocked over or fall by itself. Similarly, if a TV cabinet is too big for a living room or bedroom, it can make the room feel smaller and more cramped, which is why we always recommend examining all measurements before purchasing.

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Distance from the sofa

Similar to size, the distance from the TV unit to the sofa is very important and must be taken into account. A telly that is too far away from a sofa or armchair can encourage squinting if you are short-sighted. While a TV that is too close can result in eye strain and fatigue. 

EZ Living Furniture Mila Oak TV Unit with tv on topThe Mila Oak TV Unit features a wide top that has the ability to hold even the largest TVs.

Correct viewing height

Have you ever sat at a computer for a long time only to come away with neck strain because it was positioned either too high or low? Who hasn’t, right? Well, the same rule applies to TVs. Generally speaking, a floor-standing TV unit will sit lower than your couch or armchair but not enough to cause strain over a long period of time. However, a wall-mounted cabinet if placed too high on the wall will make for uncomfortable viewing and will cause tension in your neck and head over time. To avoid this, it’s worth taking note of the viewing height that your TV will ultimately sit at before making your final decision on which TV stand to purchase.

The shape of a room

The shape of a room will help you decide which TV cabinet will best fit into your space. If you’re lucky enough to have a large living space or bedroom, then practically any shape and size will fit and look good so there is no real need to worry. However, if you have an odd-shaped or even narrow living room it can be a little trickier. For this, we suggest incorporating a corner TV unit into the room. The rear of a corner unit is designed to push much further back into the corner of the room than a stand with a straight edge. 

EZ Living Furniture Country Cottage Smoked Oak TV unit in sage green living roomThe Country Cottage Corner TV Unit is a stylish piece that helps you to make the most of often underutilised corner space.

Style and materials 

Style is personal. You may want to match your pre-existing furniture such as a coffee table, nest of tables, lamp table or bookcase to your new TV entertainment unit or opt for something completely different. The choice is yours, but don’t forget to consider each material carefully. For example, wood is more durable but can be costly while glass is more stylish but tends to show every fingerprint which may not be ideal for little ones with sticky fingers.


Last but not least, storage. Most TV units will feature added storage that can house your gaming consoles, satellite boxes and even remote controls. You can either opt for closed cabinets to help hide these items or decide on open shelving for a brighter and more open alternative. If you choose open shelving, be sure to under-fill rather than over-fill these shelves, as over-filling can make an entire room feel cluttered. 

EZ Living Furniture Dark Grey Toulouse TV unit in green living roomThe Toulouse Dark Grey TV Unit has a great deal of open and closed shelving which can help to solve all of your storage requirements.

Finding the perfect TV stand for your home has never been easier thanks to this easy-to-follow guide. By following these steps you can be sure that you will choose the right TV unit for your home. 

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