Things You Didn't Know Could Damage Wood Flooring. Are You Guilty?

Things You Didn't Know Could Damage Wood Flooring. Are You Guilty?


Do you have wood flooring in your home? Then you could be guilty of these top mistakes when keeping your flooring in good condition.



1. Hoovering

Hoovering your floors is fine, however, if your hoover has a rotating brush, it could be very harsh on your hardwood floor. Use the floor brush attachment instead. Make sure to hoover often as grit & dirt can also damage your floors.


2. Using Harsh Floor Cleaners

Floor cleaners are very harsh on wood flooring so be careful using it. By rule of thumb, you should be using a damp cloth versus a wet one. If you have to use floor cleaner then use it sparingly.



3. Washing Floors Daily

This is unnecessary!! Wash your wooden floors once a week with a damp cloth. There is no need to wash your floors daily.


4. Steam Cleaning

Does your floor have a wax finish? If yes, do not use a steam cleaner. If it doesn’t have a wax finish then use the cleaner on the lightest setting and do not leave in a standing position for too long.


5. Allowing A Lot Of Sun Exposure


If the sun is shining on your lovely wooden floors on a daily basis, then close the blinds when the sun is shining at its brightest. Do this to decrease discoloration. 6. Sharp Objects Are you guilty of walking on your hardwood flooring in heels? This will destroy your flooring. Be careful of animals clawing the wood, shoes, dirt, stones & other sharp objects that might scratch your floor.