The Ultimate Kids Bunk Bed Guide

The Ultimate Kids Bunk Bed Guide


Bunk beds are excellent space savers and are fantastically fun for kids. Whether your children share a room or your child often has friends over to stay, a bunk bed may just be the ideal solution. Sharing your bedroom is compromise enough, having to give up on style should not be part of the equation. This is definitely something any child may be worried about when bunk beds are introduced into their bedroom. However here at EZ Living Furniture, we’re looking to keep everyone happy by offering some cool sleeping solutions for your child.



Triple Treasure

Goodnight, Sleep Tight! They grow up so fast and you want your bundle of joy to have the perfect place to play and grow but most importantly, sleep. For something a little different (and a LOT of fun) why not look into getting a triple sleeper bunk bed. To make things easier look to have your bunk beds assembled by our delivery team so the only thing you have to worry about is fights over who gets the top and who gets the bottom!

EZ Living Top Tips: “Look at furniture that lets your little one accessories however they wish to make their space their own.”


White Solid Wood Twink Bunk Bed - Lara


Bunk Up!

If you’re unsure if bunk beds are right for you why not look at the benefits of bunk beds for your kid’s room! Additional storage, shelving, fun add-ons, separation capabilities and cutting-edge designs. Wooden bunk bed frames are the perfect answer for long-lasting durability that doesn’t compromise on style.

EZ Living Top Tips: “Along with two kids in the same room comes another challenge: double the stuff in the same space! Look for some easy storage solutions with your bunk bed.”



Brilliantly Beautiful!

We all remember what it felt like to think up the bedroom of our dreams when we were younger! Your dream bed was something you wished for again and again and maybe here at EZ Living Furniture, some wishes can come true! Our Eva Day Bed with a cute and easy Trundle below is the perfect answer for kids who love to have guests over that doesn’t compromise on elegant style.

EZ Living Top Tips: “When purchasing a bed for your little one, you want to make sure that this will be long-lasting and durable! Metal bed frames are both stylish and sturdy to ensure a perfect night sleep.”




And there you have it! Now all you need to worry about is the mattress! For more information on our children’s bedroom range visit