The Do's and Dont's for Rugs

The Do's and Dont's for Rugs


Rugs can be the perfect addition to making a home feel warm and inviting. However, we know that there are many rules with interior design and rugs are no exception. Whether you're deciding where to place a rug, or if you have a nasty stain that won't come out, EZ Living Furniture is here to help! Below we have some basic questions and answers which may help you out.


On or Off the Rug?

It's really a matter of preference but the main rule from most designers for placing your rug is to have furniture placed on it. Does this mean you must place your entire sofa on the rug or just the front legs? Generally, it depends on the size of the rug and the room being used. Small rugs in a large living room can often make it seem empty whereas a small rug in an already narrow room can make it look even smaller. Placing your furniture on a rug just that perfect size for your room can just fit and create a comfortable place to relax.


Similarly, you will want to ensure that your rug does not become a tripping hazard. If you purchase a rug large enough to place your furniture on it, this can prevent accidents when people are walking around your living room.



What kind of style?

Stripes, floral or patterns? The style of a rug is really that of personal preference however it is important to match existing colours in your home and create a cohesive living space. Consider the existing colours in your room, are these brightly coloured or lighter? A very good idea for you to try is to print off the image of the rug from an online store and sit this where you would place your rug to get a feel for how it would exist within the room.


Is your room modern or vintage? Sometimes you can play with mixing these two such as our Donabate Rug where there is a fusion of styles to create a modern but yet also somewhat old-fashioned look.




The shape of the rug?

When choosing the style of the rug for your home we suggest you think about where this rug will be added to your home. If the existing furniture to cover this rug is rectangular, I would suggest a rectangular rug to compliment this. Similarly, a round rug would suit a round table where the area of the rug extends beyond the legs of the chairs.


Similarly to the size, you want to choose the shape of a rug based on its safety as you want to try and minimize the possibility of accidents in your home! If you have items that may be moving a lot, such as dining chairs or bar stools, it's important to choose a style of rug that does not interfere with the movement. There should be space left between these objects and the edge of a carpet or rug to ensure they don't become a tripping hazard.



How do I care for my rug?

We can end up going through some rugs in under a year because they become too dusty, stained or lose their shape. It is important to care for both small and large rugs in different ways. With small rugs, like those used at entranceways, they are difficult to vacuum. Take them outside and shake them vigorously until dust and Dirt are histories! Also with small rugs be sure to consult the labels provided with them to find out if they are machine washable. This can help with cleaning and maintain rugs easily.


If your large rug becomes stained the important thing to remember is to act fast. Most stains on carpets can be cleaned out with tap water and a cloth so there's no reason to panic. Try to blot and be sure not to rub or scrub. If this still doesn't work vinegar and club soda will have your carpet as good as new. For large rugs, it's important to identify the materials used to make the rug. If your rug is an oriental rug extra care will need to be taken when cleaning or vacuuming to prevent damage.


For pet lovers, when pet hair accumulates in a rug, brush the rug in one direction until the majority of the hair is out, then go in with a lint roller for the remainder of the hair. Attack pet stains with some Cif to help break down stain and odour.



We hope that you found our list helpful! Rugs can be the perfect addition to a room you feel is just missing a little something. For more information on the rugs available on our website please click here. Interested in checking out our Summer 2018 Rug Collection? Watch this video with Ger, our concept and visual stylist, who will be looking at our new rug collection and how to use these in your home.