Stylish & Clever Storage Ideas

Stylish & Clever Storage Ideas


We know that for every storage problem, there is a stylish storage solution! The number one cause of clutter accumulating in your home is not having enough storage units around (or having too many shoes...). However, it can often be difficult and expensive to find space to fit storage units or have custom ones made for your home. But don't fret! EZ Living Furniture has come up with some easy & stylish storage solutions so that you can store away unwanted clutter (or not feeling so guilty about buying more shoes).



EZ Living Style: Ottoman Beds

Funnily enough, the term 'Ottoman' comes from the Ottoman Empire when this style of furniture made its way to Europe during that 18th Century. The main attraction of an ottoman bed base is its storage capability. Beneath the mattress, you'll find easy access to the entire space within the ottoman bed base! This is a perfect place to store away unwanted clothes, shoes, books or any clutter in your Bedroom. Think of it as adding a second wardrobe hidden under your bed.

GET THE LOOK: "Our Lancelot Ottoman bed frame comes in both brown leather and grey velvet which would complement a bedroom of any style!"




How does it work? (No it's not rocket science) There are two main types of Ottoman – static and hydraulic. Static Ottomans can be opened via drawers and cabinets located on the side of the base. Then there’s the powerful gas-lift hydraulic option, which when activated lifts the entire mattress up, giving you complete access to the entire storage area available.


EZ Living Style: Storage Footstools

We all love to throw our feet up on a perfectly placed footstool well did you know that your footstool can also serve two functions? Shopping around you may be able to find a footstool which has an easy lift cushion seat that opens up to a clever hideaway! Magazines, books, toys and more can be easily hidden away from sight when you have some visitors over.

GET THE LOOK: "Our chic Blue Fabric Storage Stool from the Astrid Collection is the perfect thing to put your feet up! Finished in Royal Navy Blue this footstool comes with an easy lift top cushion" 



EZ Living Style: Blanket Boxes

Blanket boxes have been used for generations, at one-time blanket boxes were considered to be one of the most valuable items in a home. Blanket boxes are made for easy storage but also easily transportable which was the case for many Irish immigrants in the early 19th Century (A little history lesson for you). Today blanket boxes are sleeker and simplified in their design. They're also a really handy thing to take care of that bedroom clutter!

GET THE LOOK: "We have a chic range of blanket boxes, in particular, our Hampton Oak Blanket Box. This blanket box features a lacquered finish and handles for easy transport" 




EZ Living Style: Hall Stands

The hallway is a gateway to your home and therefore it can often accumulate a lot of unwanted clutter quickly. Hallways are often narrow so it can be difficult to find the space for storage. Hall stands are a very smart and easy way to improve the spacial capacity of your home especially when they include a mirror as they also shine light into your now de-cluttered hall.

GET THE LOOK: "Our sophisticated Villa Roma range includes a two-toned hall table with a mirror that would be perfect to store away any mess and getting a chance to check your makeup in the process"



This was our blog on some simple storage solutions for your home from EZ Living Furniture. If you would like to check out any of the products mentioned please find us on Website and be sure to check out our Facebook.