Sofa Trends of 2018

Sofa Trends of 2018


Updating your living room can be a big project and also be rather costly. When deciding what to buy you want to ensure that you're making the right choice and choosing furniture that's up to date. It appears that so far that 2018 has focused a lot on colour and especially with the experimentation of soft colours. This blog looks at 2018's trends for sofas and how to achieve this all year round.


Adding That Soft Touch

We noticed that with colours in the last few years there's been a move towards soft muted colours like rose-gold and light-pinks. We know that adding soft hints of colour to any room can vastly improve its style and appearance. This is no different from sofas where a hint of colour can very quickly add character to a normally dull room. Soft colours compliment grey and bare walls and even may make your home appear a little brighter.


Things That Are Natural

It appears that 2018 has seen a shift toward things that are natural such as with materials, using real-life plants, creating spaces that feel airy and letting the outdoors inside. You want to look at ways in which to connect the indoors with the outdoors.  Look at using very earthy tones and colours such as light brown. In our previous blog here we looked at letting the outdoors into your home. Be sure to maximize natural lighting in your home to create that airy feeling.


Don't Be Afraid to be Bold

Although soft colours are a road to go down we have noticed that it is also very trendy to introduce some bold colours to your furniture to add some geometric shapes to your home. Colours such as flashy yellows and deep aquamarines appear to be very much in style and can liven up a room with something a little different. We always advise to think outside the box and try something new with your home and with our Fjord range you get just that.


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It's All About The Little Things

2018 has seen the focus on 'compact living' where the average home size in Ireland and the UK has been getting smaller in recent years. With this in mind, a trend whereby we focus on accessories to change our living rooms seems to be in full bloom this year. By adding rugs, lamps and throws you can easily update your home with current trends without breaking the bank. 

So by now, you should be ready to update your living room with the most up to date trends. For any information on our newest range of sofas online click here. Now sit back, relax and take it EZ!