Sleep Style – Getting That Beauty Sleep

Sleep Style – Getting That Beauty Sleep


Are you prepared for a good night’s rest? Your good night’s sleep starts here with our advice on everything from the right foundations of your mattress to accessories and pillows to have that exceptional rest you so very much deserve. Here at EZ Living Furniture, we are always on the lookout to improve your wellbeing and help with an array of products from pillows to duvets that are perfect for catching those z’s.


Starting From The Bottom

The frame is known to be the most important part of any structure. It holds something together and creates the base for when things are built on. Bedframes are no exception to this as they provide the structure to a bed and should combine the idea of being both stylish and functional.

EZ Living Top Tips: “A painted metal bed frame is very much in style at the moment and is the perfect way to introduce the “fairytale” aesthetic into your bedroom”


Mattress Madness!

“This mattress is too soft but this mattress is too hard… but this mattress is just right!” Choosing a mattress just for you is never an easy task. It’s all about finding one that’s just right. That’s why our stores across Ireland have a range of big brands such as King Koil, D’arcy and Galvin, K Collection, Respa and O’dearest. So lay back and relax in one of our display mattresses at your nearest EZ Living Furniture showroom.

EZ Living Top Tips: “If you’re on a budget why not look at availing of our Finance plan in store which lets you pay off your new mattress in instalments. For more details please see our Finance page.“


Add Something Extra To Your Mattress

If your mattress could use a little lift of life, why not look to purchase a mattress topper? A good night’s sleep makes all the difference to your quality of life and so a mattress topper is definitely a great investment. A mattress topper is a perfect option for anyone looking to improve their night’s sleep for less.


It’s All About The Little Things

You deserve to feel divine at the end of every day. There’s no better way to do that than by making your bedroom surroundings looking beautiful and stylish. It’s all about the finishing touches and with an array of photo frames, cushions, vases and throws there is always something to add that hint of colour to your bedroom.

EZ Living Top Tips: “Get Glowing! Relax at home with some eye-catching floor and table lamps which create the perfect atmosphere to cosy up in bed with a book”


Our showrooms across Ireland feature our top mattresses for you to try and out and find one to your liking. We always strive to help find the right sleep solution that best fits your budget. If you’re unsure after reading this blog about what might be right for you, it’s really worth visiting your nearest EZ Living Furniture store and trying out what’s best for you.