Love Your Mattress Like it Loves You

Love Your Mattress Like it Loves You


Over time mattresses can often be forgotten about. Constant use from our bodies for seven or eight hours per night can absorb a fair amount of sweat and dead skin (gross!). Some of us may have invested a lot of money in the mattresses we have, therefore it’s important to ensure that we care for our mattress so they’ll take care of us!

From basic things like flipping every few weeks and hoovering the dust and dirt, you can easily see your mattress lasting well beyond its expected lifetime. Below we look at some basic questions our sales staff are asked about mattress care on a daily basis.



How can I protect my Mattress?

If you're worried about staining or damaging your new expensive mattress a mattress protector may be a good security investment. No, it's not rocket science! Mattress protectors use 100% waterproof membranes which prevent liquid and excessive moisture from seeping into the mattress.

The best thing about mattress protectors is they are machine washable (so you don't have to fit that double mattress in your washing machine anytime soon!)

EZ LIVING TIPS: "Mattress protectors can also be beneficial for protecting your warranty and ensuring the longevity of your little bit of heaven!"



Can I Clean my Mattress at Home?

Cleaning a mattress can sound very daunting, however, there is actually one very easy and effective way to clean a mattress and that’s to give the upholstery a thorough vacuum every now and again. All you need to do is remove the bedding, pillows and blankets and vacuum all the indents and hard to reach nooks and crannies.

EZ LIVING TIPS: "Some vacuums have special attachments for upholstered fabrics which may come in handy!"



 My Mattress has a Nasty Stain! How do I remove it?

Stains are sometimes unavoidable especially if you enjoy snacking in bed! When cleaning these stains it’s important to avoid using harsh chemicals. The best way to remove a nasty mattress stain is to use warm water and a little soap and gently apply to the affected area. Using chemicals or rubbing roughly can actually damage the fabric and underlying materials.

EZ LIVING TIPS: " Foam mattresses can absorb the water used to clean a mattress so be sure to only use a small amount to avoid long-term damage!"



How can I improve my Mattress without buying a new one?

 Is your mattress letting you down? Sometimes you can follow all the care tips in the world, however, your mattress can still feel like you'd get better sleep on the couch!  By adding a mattress topper you can completely transform your existing mattress and remain comfortable all night long. It’s the perfect way to take that mattress to the next level without breaking the bank!

EZ LIVING TIPS: "Here at EZ Living Furniture, we have a range of Fusion Mattress Toppers which can vastly improve an existing mattress that’s not performing as you would like"

This was our guide to showing your mattress a bit of love! If you're looking to update your old mattress be sure to visit us in-store or online to view our extensive range of mattresses and bedding!