Let Summer into your Home

Let Summer into your Home


It’s finally here! Unfortunately, when we imagine summer in Ireland it can’t always live up to our expectations. Did you know last summer brought record-breaking rainfall measurements across Ireland according to Met Éireann’s 2017 annual weather review? However no matter what the weather you can always add a bit of summer to your home.


Clearing out the Winter Clutter

The first step is perhaps a spring clean (or Summer in this case) to get rid of all the clutter from the winter months. We advise firstly picking a starting point in your home to begin this summer clean. You want to clear this area and create a no-clutter zone. Every day try to expand this area ensuring that only things that you use are kept here. Designate a few boxes for charity and put unwanted clothes, homeware, shoes, and jewellery in here to donate to your local charity shop.


Next look at replacing old blinds with curtains to maximize the amount of light coming into your home. The addition of mirrors and reflective surfaces can bounce light around your home and also make it look more spacious and roomy.


Invite the outdoors inside

The first step to allowing the outdoors in is to open doors and windows. Not only will this create a nice breeze throughout your home, but this will also clear out dust and make a more comfortable living area. Ask the outdoors in by making sure to kit out your home with vibrant plants and vases. Here at EZ Living Furniture, we have a number of unique and stylish vases to compliment any flower arrangement which can be found by clicking here. If you’re sick of seeing grey skies outside your window, look at purchasing some vibrant wall art to put a smile on your face.


Add a touch of colour to your home

We advise that instead of investing in a pointless sun lounger why not upgrade your current sofa this summer? Our all-new Laura sofa is that perfect way to subtly add a hint of colour to your living room. Grey may still be a neutral choice for many interiors, however, bolder colours are said to be trending this summer. Blush pink is a colour which would balance out your need for colour while also not clashing with your existing furniture. The new Laura sofa doesn’t just look good, it feels great too, so you can enjoy your summer in the comfort you deserve.



To check out our new and exciting products to bring summer into your home please visit www.ezlivingfurniture.ie or find your local EZ Living Furniture store here! And remember summer is EZ Living.