Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

How to design a scheme that will last?


Classic Design

Balance fun with elegance in your kids’ bedroom by choosing timeless furniture with just a hint of surprise that will work for the long haul. Forget about specific themes as kids will change their minds on what superheroes or character they like before the paint dries!

Save on space

Bunk beds are excellent space savers and are fantastically fun for kids. Whether your children share a room or your child often has friends over to stay, a bunk bed may just be the ideal solution. Choose wisely and pick a bunk bed that you can dismantle into separate beds when required. 



Consider colour

Children love colour, pattern and bold designs, and their bedroom walls deserve to be adorned to reflect this passion. It’s all about getting creative! Let your kids participate in the colour selection for their room or at least let them have the perception that they are involved that way they might spend more time in there, asleep!


What’s under the bed?

Pull-out beds save space and offer an ideal combination of function and fashion. Make sure that any and every guest you invite to stay over can be accommodated comfortably and in true style. But remember, because trundle beds take up all the space beneath the day bed, you’ll need to make sure you have plenty of additional storage space. The crisp white finish produces a feeling of class and lends itself perfectly to any style of bedclothes that may be used to dress the mattress. 


Best flooring

As kids spend a lot of time on the floor playing and falling, carpet is the ideal choice for a young child’s room. It’s the most comfortable for little knees, and it’s warmer in the winter than hardwood flooring. However, we all know how carpet can be a nightmare to keep clean so a large rug is the best option. Rugs are not only easier to maintain or get rid of when its time is up but can also lift the look of the entire space and tie the room together. 



Do you have any tips for creating a child’s room that will last through the ages? Please share them with us below. 


-Yvonne Hannon.