Hygge Your Living Room | Part Two

Hygge Your Living Room | Part Two


At the start of this year, we introduced you to our favourite new lifestyle concept ‘Hygge’ or ‘hoo-ga’ as its pronounced! This Danish lifestyle concept that roughly translates to ‘cosiness’ has swept across nations in a bid to help people through the long winter months.

However, here at EZ Living, we believe that Hygge extends past the winter hibernation period to an overall lifestyle change that can be practised all year long. This week, in particular, we’re looking to our living rooms and how to adapt the concept of Hygge to your living room space. Read on where we give you our tips on how to do just that! If you’re a bit lost on the Hygge concept, then check out our previous post on it here, where we explained it in more detail!


Nothing beats the feeling of getting home at the end of a long working day, then relaxing on the sofa in front of the fire or the TV. But think about the additions around the sofa, that can turn an ordinary living room into your perfect relaxation space.


Make Your Living Room Somewhere You Want to Be

Before you even begin redecorating, take some time and find a design that you love and that will become a statement of who you and your family are. Designing a space you actually want to spend time in is about careful planning and thought. Just think, if your living room is full of the things you love, then it’ll make it easier to sit back, relax and enjoy.


Add Texture

Using the sofa as the base piece and build up from there by adding layers and textures on and around the sofa. The concept of Hygge coaxes us to keep comfort living in mind. Give your sofa a dash of love with some beautifully textured cushions and throws. If you are not partial to a reclining sofa, up the comfort levels with a fabulous footstool. Fluffy rugs beneath your feet will also add to the texture and create a warm, inviting environment that you will struggle to leave.


It’s the Little Things in Life

When it comes to Hygge, think of the smaller aspects that make a house a home. Little touches can go a long way. Candles dotted around your living room, in particular, scented candles, create an ambient abode that tempts the senses and produce a cosy, comfortable environment. If you are not a fan of candles, a dimly lit table or standing lamp can create a similar effect. Another alternative is to use flameless candles, and luckily for you, at EZ Living we have a beautiful range of flameless candles to offer, and our Nairobi range is also scented, just like a real candle.



Embrace the Space Around You

Stop what you’re doing for just one moment. You’ve come this far. You have your beloved design theme; your perfect sofa scattered with layers of textured cushions and throws, the lamps dimmed and the candles burning. Now it’s time to relax. Stand back and appreciate all that you have done. That is essentially what Hygge is all about. Taking time to sit back, relax, enjoy and most importantly, smile. Make your home not just a place of love, but somewhere that promotes the well-being of you and your family.


Don’t Overdo It

Our last little piece of advice when it comes to your living room is to think ‘indulgent’ more than extravagant! As we mentioned before, buy and design for what you love! It is worth investing in a sofa that is right for you and your needs. A sofa that you love rather than what may be popular or on-trend. It is worth investing in a beautiful floor rug, or ambient accessories that accentuate your living space. A space that guests, family, or friends will never want to leave.

And so, that wraps up our second Hygge post. Hopefully, you have found some inspiration in this post. If you’re looking for some more Hygge design inspiration, then check out our Pinterest page here, where we’ve put together some of our favourite looks.