How To Measure Your Home To Perfectly Fit Your Sofa

How To Measure Your Home To Perfectly Fit Your Sofa


Buying a new sofa may seem like all fun and games, but all too often most of us make the big mistake of not properly preparing our homes for such an undertaking. By preparing, we mean getting out that rusty old measuring tape and using it to see if your home equipped for your dream sofa. While taking measurements may not sound like a barrel of laughs, it is one of the most important things you will do before you buy any piece of furniture.

This should be done before you even make any plans to furnish or decorate your home. So, here at EZ Living Furniture, we want to make the sofa buying process as easy as possible for you and give you our guide to measuring your home to fit your sofa!


Make Life Easy

Rather than seeing this as a mammoth task, why not see it as an opportunity for future endeavours. Measuring your home now and saving the measurements for reference so next time you purchase some new furniture life will be much easier. Put these measurements away for safekeeping, or make a copy of them once you have them done.

This requires doing a thorough job, so if you are not confident in your measuring abilities, enlist the help of a friend or family member to give you a hand. Accuracy is key here, as any minor mistakes may put all your hard work to waste. So, as the saying goes, measure twice and cut once.


Where to Measure

Now that you know the importance of measuring your home to fit in your new sofa, it’s time to think about where or what you actually need to measure to gauge this.


Entry Ways and Passages

First of all, grab some tape and measure any and all entryways and passages in your home. Your furniture will have to pass through these to get to where you ultimately plan to place it. Go around your home and measure entries, passages, stairways and doorways through which your furniture will have to travel to get to its destination. When doing this, make sure you have the accurate width, height and length.

 It is important to take note of any corners that will need to be turned in a hallway or on a staircase so there will be less ‘PIVOT’ing just like Ross in that famous episode of Friends! Another element to take into account, is any lighting fixtures, railings or other architectural aspects that may cause potential difficulties when moving furniture into your home. Remember, any piece of furniture you buy should have some room to manoeuvre, and it should have around 4 inches less than the passage measurements themselves. This will allow for swift and simple movement.



Room Measurements

Entryways and passageways lead to the room where the piece of furniture will be placed. So, it is of just as much importance to measure the actual room that will host your fabulous new sofa. This might require more detail than you might have previously thought, so take all aspects into account and measure not just the size of the room, but all the windows, doors and fireplaces that a room might have. First of all, measure the door that the furniture will have to fit through. Here, measure the height and width, as well as the dimensions of this diagonally from top left to bottom right. Make sure to measure the inside of the door frames too!

After this, measure the length from the entrance of the room to the far wall. This measurement is required so you know if you will be able to bring the furniture into the room and easily manoeuvre it around.

Next, measure the length and width of the room, as well as the height of the walls, which is helpful for the introduction of taller pieces of furniture, such as bookcases. And last, but by no means, least, measure your windows! This measurement is handy if you plan on putting any furniture against a wall with windows.


How We Can Help

Once you have your part done, here’s what EZ Living can do for you! Fortunately, each of our sofas shown online come with a handy dimensions image which will show you if the sofa you’ve chosen will fit in the space you want it to. As well as this, don’t be shy and feel free to bring your measurements in with you to our store, where some of our sofa experts can help you compare the dimensions of your home, to the dimensions of our sofas, and help you find your perfect match!

One last important piece of advice before you go, it is also important to consider the entire measurements of the pathway for our delivery truck to your home.  


And there you have it, our advice on how to measure your home to fit your brand new EZ Living sofa. See our range of sofas and make sure to keep up to date with all our upcoming blog posts on Facebook & Instagram.