Get Your Garden Furniture Ready For The Summer

Get Your Garden Furniture Ready For The Summer


Cultivate a beautiful outdoor living space and get your garden furniture ready for the summer. The beautiful summer evenings will soon be here, so make sure you are ready for the sunshine. Whether you’re buying new garden furniture or using old garden furniture, we have all you need to know about creating a beautiful outdoor space.



Buying Garden Furniture

When you’re buying garden furniture, choose materials, fabrics and styles that match with your personality and taste. We have put together a list of the various styles of garden furniture available on the Irish market including wicker furniture, metal furniture, wooden furniture and plastic furniture.


Wicker Garden Furniture

Wicker styled garden furniture is all the rage for today's modern-day patio or terrace. Wicker furniture is often made from rattan, bamboo and willow, which bends to create beautifully woven patterns.  This style of furniture will suit any modern, vintage and traditional styled outdoor space. The Felice garden table and four chairs get its signature look from its stunning rattan wicker weave. The rattan wicker is made from a greyish fibre and the table is crowned with a beautiful glass top. This is the perfect outdoor table for long summer evenings in the sun.



Metal Garden Furniture

Metal outdoor furniture is a great option for people who are focused on product durability. A quality, the well-made metal garden set will last for years if it is looked after properly. Metal furniture can be made from steel, cast iron, metal and cord, and cast aluminium. A metal outdoor dining set can come in many styles, so look out for styles that will suit your taste. The Como garden set is contemporary and will make a beautiful statement in your garden. This gorgeous garden set is made of metal and cord, which is a high-quality, durable material. This modern garden set is available in two colours and can be easily assembled, at home, for your convenience. This fabulous table exudes personality.



Wooden Garden Furniture

Wooden outdoor furniture is the best option for people who like traditional styled furniture, however, it requires a lot of care. Sunlight can change the colour of the paintwork, therefore, it is required that the wood is sanded down and painted to keep the table and chairs in prime condition. Hardwood such as redwood, teak, pine, and cedar, will have a longer lifespan than other common types of wood. Look out for outdoor wooden furniture that is pressure treated to withstand harsh weather conditions. This type of treatment will keep the wood in good condition for a longer period of time.



Plastic Furniture

Plastic furniture is convenient and usually has a simple design. This type of outdoor furniture is excellent for anyone who wants a product that is easy to clean, lightweight and inexpensive compared to other types of lawn furniture such as wicker or metal. Although plastic furniture has many benefits, it's often less stylish compared to other types of lawn furniture and is less durable.

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