The EZ Transformation!

The EZ Transformation!

5 EZ Ways to transform your Living Room

 Sometimes all we need is just a little inspiration to steer us in the right direction and before we know it the transformation is underway!

-> Check out our five favourites to see if they’re just what your living interior is missing.


1. Light it Up


Keep with a simple yet sleek design which can be utilised to provide both mood and task lighting. Your home and lifestyle will be enhanced by the inclusion of flexible lighting options- trust me your eyes will thank you for it if you are squinting through the gloom when you’ve settled down with a good book!

Remember you can discover a variety of complementary lighting solutions and accessories in our range which can be teamed up with these striking lamps to add interest and personality to your interior.


2. A Quirky Chair

From cool chaise to velvet cuddlers, a distinctive chair will help give your living room that all-important individual touch and create a focal point to lift your space. And, most importantly provide a superior level of comfort while at the same time offering luxurious feels.

Remember to purchase something that would complement a variety of decorative schemes and has a timeless feel. Make better choices and be brave!


3. A Touch Of Greenery

All decorated, but still feel your room is lacking something? Bring the outside in. It’s amazing how an injection of greenery can bring a room to life. Try one big plant, like seen below or depending on the room size you can use more - that’s down to your discretion! A selection of smaller plants together on a coffee table as a centrepiece can really work well but don’t overdo it, although it is a living space!

Remember if your heart’s keen but your fingers aren’t green, you can always opt for some artificial plants and let’s be honest if you're on a budget they’re inexpensive and less maintenance required! Win-win situation. 


4. Book Case

A multi-purpose storage solution with open shelves is what you need for a modern interior.  It’s an aesthetically pleasing way to provide a home for books, ornaments, photos and more.


Remember to change up what's on display regularly to keep the look cultured, not cluttered.


5. Rug

There are many advantages to having an area rug in your living room, that go beyond aesthetics. Rugs can be practical for comfort, warmth, floor protection, noise reduction and cleaning purposes as well as just decorative additions.

Rugs convey emotions by the colours, textures and design chosen and can affect your mood. Rugs are an essential part of a room’s decor and can do actually what you want - to transform your room for an affordable cost.

Remember to turn your rug to prevent traffic patterns and discolouring! Roll it up when not in use like in the Summertime and it will be like new the next time you want to add a gentle dose of colour to the room!

Many thanks for reading,
-Yvonne Hannon.